Jeff Heath Takes Over Kicking Duties After Dan Bailey Groin Injury


It is very important to have a reliable kicker, and Dan Bailey is definitely one of the best as he is one of the best at that position. It is pretty hard to find a good enough replacement for an all-time most accurate kicker but after he suffered a groin injury in the first quarter of Cowboys vs. 49ers duel we could see Jeff Heath taking over.

At this moment there are no updates on Dan Bailey status, and here is what Jason Garrett said about this: “We’ll see how [Bailey] is tomorrow and we’ll make some decisions accordingly.” This wasn’t the end of trouble for Dallas as Heath needed some extra taping after a slight issue with his left ankle.

Don’t think that Cowboys randomly picked a guy to replace Bailey, safety on the roster also had a decent amount of experience in this segment as he was a kicker in high school. He showed his quality by converting two of three extra point attempts.


Here is what Heath had to say about this situation: “I didn’t know how I was going to feel, but I was pretty nervous going in. I don’t know why. I wanted to make them obviously. I didn’t want to go out there and just look like an idiot, so I think I was a little nervous. Then with the rush, especially with this team, they have really bug guys that rush the field goal so I think I was kind of too fast on my first couple.” On top of that, he added that coming into a game as a kicker “was the most fun I had playing football in a long time.”

Both Prescott and coach Garrett completely trusted this guy to take on the task of being a kicker. The coach commented: “At halftime we worked with him and we felt more comfortable that we could try and execute those and I think for the most part he did a really good job, that’s not an easy thing to do obviously.”


“I knew he was going to nail it, we’ve seen it before,” Dallas QB Dak Prescott stated. “He’s done it at practice we had him ready for an emergency in time so we all were excited I think that just brought another energy boost to our sideline.”

It will be interesting to see what will be happening in the next few days and if Dan Bailey is ready for the next game against Washington Redskins or the kicker duties will be temporarily taken over by Jeff Heath.