Golf Ball Guide – Picking the Right Golf Ball for you!

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How much a golf ball affects our game is often underestimated by a lot of players, but it is at the same time no secret that a golf ball out of high quality gives another level to the game than the cheaper ones of less quality.

If you are new to this sport, spending hundreds of dollars on expensive golf balls might not be the wisest thing to do, so settling for some that are more friendly on the budget might not hurt you too much.

As you progress your game and you are starting to learn more what you want to get out of the game, you can start by investing in more quality equipment.

Like many golfers, having good equipment for this sport is as fun as it is helping your game. Therefore, reading up on your future gear is as important.

Is there a big difference between cheap and expensive golf balls?

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As pointed out, a lot of players underestimate this, but the fact is that the ball flight can look a lot different with an expensive quality one compared to a cheaper budget option. This is especially true when it comes to spin and curve shots. Thanks to the outer layer of utherane, the balls spin a lot more than the cheaper ones without utherane in the outer layers.

Many experienced golfers also point out that the more expensive golf balls generally provide a feeling of more power and control with every stroke. With that, they often add that the cheaper once give a more unpredictable path, especially during harsher weather circumstances.

Additionally, you should have in mind that more expensive golf balls generally last longer if you are playing at a level where you do not lose too many every round. Another thing of essence is that quality golf balls will give you a whole other consciousness as the quality probably won’t differ as much from ball to ball with the same brand and from the same box.

You do not need to worry about different sizes, as this is decided by the golf rules and then are adopted by the manufacturers. The differences are very slight.

How much should I spend on golf balls?

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This can be a tricky question to answer, but generally you can say that you should spend as much as you can until you no longer feel any difference in the way that you play. The better you become at this sport, the more you will appreciate the balls, and the more you will notice the difference in golf ball spin, distance and more.

But even as a beginner, you could get the perfect one for you by reading the tips and guides by Pine Club Golf. In their guide, which contains a golf comparison chart, they explain what different golfers should look for in a golf ball if they are low-, mid- or high handicapper. A great review!

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Different golf balls have different qualities. If you, for example, struggle in getting the ball to stay on green with your approach shots, you should have a golf ball with higher spin. If you instead suffer from a hook with your driver, maybe a golf ball with less spin would be suitable for you. Try to find a golf ball that aids your weaknesses but do not forget to work on them at the same time. Golf gear will only get you so far!

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Know your golf jargon!

Usually when you start your quest looking for golf balls, there is a whole dictionary with regards to different aspects of the golf ball. Even though we are probably diving deeper than might be necessary in picking a golf ball that works for your game, knowing more is always better than knowing less. So here we go, attempting to explain some of the key features.


This is usually what most talk about when picking a golf ball. This is also the biggest difference between different examples. The spin usually makes a golf ball more difficult to control, but once you do, it adds to the flexibility. More spin makes it a lot easier on landing, and staying, on the green.

Golf balls with high spin are often what pro players choose and is usually also the best option for the average player. Although, with higher spin, the options are usually more expensive.


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This is less talked about, but almost as important as spin. The compression is what decides whether a golf ball has a soft or a hard feel to it. If you prefer a softer golf ball, you should use a golf ball with lower compression and vice versa. Golf balls with low compression are very popular with golfers with a low swing speed. Those golfers are usually senior golfers or beginners. This is also true for a lot of female golfers, who generally have a lower swing speed than male golfers. A low compression will help getting the golf ball up into the air and gives more of a “spring” effect.

The Shell

The shell of the golf ball will affect how much spin the golf ball gets. A golf ball with a lot of spin has an outer shell of rubber-like material called “urethane”. Urethane golf balls are the absolutely most expensive on the market. Then you have golf balls with plastic outer shells, such as surlyn, fusablend and iothane. These golf balls have less spin and are almost always cheaper.

Amount of parts

From the outside, a lost of golf balls look practically the same. But, if you were to split the different types in the middle, you would see a big difference. Golf balls are built from different pieces and can contain either 2,3,4 or 5 pieces. Although more expensive golf balls usually have more parts, it is not the deciding factor of what makes a good golf ball.

So, make sure you get one that is suitable for you and stick to it.