Great Tips For Fans Looking To Larp For The First Time

The first thing you need to pin down is what type of narrative or theme you want to play out. It could be based on real conflicts during medieval times or copied scenarios from your favourite books, television shows or movies. This decision will help you choose what types of costumes and characters to create. It can even help you choose the kind of location to set out your role-playing game. For instance, if you want to base your larp on the phenomenal series Game of Thrones then you can pick nearby national parks that fit with important settings. You can go to the woods of Yoho National Park to replay the mutiny at Craster’s Keep and the escape of his daughters — the website Game of Canada has a number of other amazing ideas for groups that want their setting to match the look and feel of the series’ destinations.

The next step is to set proper ground rules for the game because fake wars and fights can get out of hand pretty quickly. If your characters plan to clash swords in battle, you should pick up weapons that are specifically made for sword fighting in LARP— use realistic latex or make your own options called boffers for a fraction of the price out of lightweight materials like PVC pipe and foam. Let people know that the goals of the game are to pretend to maim or kill, not to attack the participants. No one should leave the field with serious injuries or the need to visit a doctor, otherwise, they won’t be coming back for a second round.

The next thing that you’re going to do is figure out what you are going to wear to the event. Before pulling out thread or searching clothing on the internet, there are a few things to consider with a larp costume — you need to think about your personal comfort and the environment you are playing in because wearing the wrong outfit could make the entire experience miserable. If you’re trekking around the woods all day, you want sensible footwear and breathable fabrics. Another one of the important cosplay tips for beginners is to give the outfit a test-run before the event — this way you can see if it fits properly and if it looks good so you have time to make the adjustments for the big day.

An essential piece of advice for joining a live-action roleplaying game or campaign is to let go of your inhibitions. Of course, it may look ridiculous to outsiders, but it shouldn’t matter what they think — just toss on your costume and have fun.