Top 5 Friendship & Long Distance Touch Lamps

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We live in a fast moving world and keeping in touch with closest ones is often hard as you are overwhelmed with all your daily errands. This gets even worse if you are not all the time on social media and you are not used to texting. The important people in your life will want to have regular contact with you and friendship lamps can be a good option for you to say that you think of them. Before you buy one of these, you should definitely check out the friendship lamps review at 10BestRanked.

These lamps will be connected over Wi-Fi, and as soon as you touch it, other lamps that are connected with yours will light up, and close ones will know that you think about them. Up to four devices can be connected into one circle, and each person has a different color, so the others will know who touched it first. Things to consider when buying one of these, and that are covered in friendship lamps review at 10BestRanked are the price, a number of people that can be in a group and the design.

1. Filmin Long Distance Friendship Lamp

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No matter if your loved ones are thousands of miles away, Filmin Long Distance Friendship Lamp will allow you to keep in touch with them. This is a beautifully designed 4.75″ L x 4.75″ W x 8″ H lamp that can perfectly fit any shelve, table or a nightstand. It is an ideal choice for you and the person with whom you want to stay in touch and with different colors, more people will be able to connect.

The lamp is set to light up for 1.5 hours everytime it is touched, but this can be changed to 1/2, 8 or even 24 hours. Say “Hi,” or “I love you” even without texting and no matter how far away you are. With an authentic and vibrant look, it will fit any home perfectly.

2. YSD Touch Lamp

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You can always keep in touch with loved ones over social media, but if you want a unique way to do it, then the friendship lamp could be the solution. The YSD Touch Lamp comes with a Lithium battery that gives it 10 hrs of light time, and you can adjust the brightness. It only needs a USB cable to charge so it can be a great choice for travel, camping or if you simply want to make a romantic dinner.

3. Elecstars Touch Lamp

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With the Elecstars Touch Lamp, you are getting one classy device that will connect you and your loved one no matter the distance. It is a great way to say that you think of someone and you only need a Wi-Fi. One of the best things about this lamp is that it comes with speakers which allows you to send a song or an audio message.

4. KMASHI Touch Lamp

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There is no doubt that KMASHI Touch Lamp is a great gadget as it comes with Lithium battery enough for 30 hours of light. It also has on/off switch, and you can easily set the level of brightness.

5. UNIFUN Touch Lamp

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The UNIFUN Touch Lamp has four options for light intensity, and your message will be sent to your friends and family as soon as you touch it. With antiglare it will not harm your eyes and integrated battery makes it an easy fit for any room.

With a large number of options on the market, it is smart to read friendship lamps review at 10BestRanked that covers this topic in depth. Before buying one of these, you will need to think about the budget, design, Wi-Fi distance, size and similar. This can be a great solution for you and your loved ones, but it also comes as a perfect nightlight.