Tax Haven: Understanding Business-Friendly Tax Policies of Grenada (2024)

Grenada, Carribean

While Grenada and other nearby countries are known as very popular tourist destinations, they are also considered tax havens. The main reason why this country has friendly tax regulations for foreigners is that they are using that to attract more investments.

One of the biggest trends in recent years for Caribbean countries is to provide foreigners with the ability to obtain full citizenship by investing in property or making a donation.

Getting Grenada citizenship is a simple process that can provide many benefits. In this article, we will provide more details about the tax benefits for businesses in this country.

Why is it Called a Tax Haven?

Tax Haven

There are many reasons why this place is so attractive to foreign investors. One of the main reasons is that there are low or no tax rates at all. For example, it has a low corporate tax of 30%, which makes it highly attractive to businesses interested in opening their offices in other countries.

An even bigger benefit is for the off-shore companies that can enjoy certain tax exemptions. The key detail is that there are no taxes included for the income you are making in some other country. That is also one of the reasons why so many remote workers are interested in moving to this place.

You will get the ability to enjoy the amazing nature of Grenada while working for a company in your country. Also, you can easily get permanent citizenship and even make a profitable decision by investing in property. Another important feature is that there are no capital gains, or additional fees that you will need to pay for wealth.

Besides the tax benefits, Grenada also offers a great environment for opening a business. It is rated quite high when it comes to ease of doing business parameters. When you add economic and political stability, it is not a surprise that it is so popular these days.

We also have to mention the common misconception where many people are thinking that tax haven is related to potential criminal activities. Grenada is offering all these benefits as a way to improve financial stability and infrastructure.

Types of Taxes for Businesses


While there are many taxes that you will avoid in Grenada, keep in mind that there are still some additional fees that you will need to pay. We already mentioned the corporate tax. Besides that, there is a typical value-added fee of 15%.

Moreover, there is a salary tax that all people working in Grenada have to pay. Another important detail is that you as a worker have to go through this process and calculate the amount you need to pay to officials. The rate depends on the value of the salary.

The misconception is that you can simply move there to avoid all sorts of taxes. The only ones you can avoid are related to the income you get from other countries. In that matter, keep in mind that you will have to pay property tax, customs duties, stamp duty, and more.

Other Taxes

There is a progressive system for salaries where the rate will go up for higher salaries. That is related to the personal income tax that you will have to pay when working for a company in Grenada. On the other side, the great thing is that there are no additional capital gains included.

Furthermore, you should also know about the social security contribution, withholding tax, and gaming tax for casinos.

Perfect Solution for an International Business

International Business

As you can see, the environment in Grenada is perfect for opening an office there. You won’t need to pay any taxes for foreign income, while fees for the income made in the country, or other fees related to employees and other elements are much lower when compared to many other countries.

Also, we have to mention that Grenada is a stable country with great relations with many other places.

That can provide improved potential and capabilities to improve your business on a global level. For example, the ability to work with the China and EU, along with many other developed places.

There is a long list of fees that are common in other countries, but you won’t need to pay them in this one, such as capital duty, surtax, departure tax, dividends, and more. On the other side, the officials are working on innovations and integration of modern trends. For example, you can get through various tax processes online.

Investing in this place by buying a property or starting a business can provide many advantages and has great potential considering the rate of development. Since it is a very popular destination, a lot of people are visiting it each year, which gives you a wide range of options when it comes to starting a business.

On the other hand, there is a potential for other industries. The education system is very good, and you can easily find a lot of experts in different areas.

When you combine that with other excellent features, you can see why so many companies are opening in Granada, especially when it comes to entertainment, sales, and the IT industry.

Last Words


The most important thing to understand is the difference in taxes for people who are making income in the country and outside of it.

The reason why it is called a tax haven is related to the fact that you don’t need to pay any extra fees for any income made on a foreign market.

The process of starting a business there is quite simple. Also, you can get the passport of this place through a fast process by choosing between donating or buying a property. This is also a very popular choice in recent years. You can have dual citizenship, and bring your whole family with this program.

In the end, it is crucial to learn more about different details related to the tax system and other rules. Even though it is a tax haven, you still have to comply with the law, and they will check the background to make sure you are not involved in any criminal activities.