What To Look For When You Need A Tax Law Attorney

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There may be many reasons why you need to hire a tax law attorney. Maybe you got behind on paying your taxes, maybe you decided to start a business or do international business. The biggest reason is that you plan on filing a lawsuit against the IRS.

Experience is the biggest qualifier

When hiring a tax law attorney, the experience is going to be the biggest qualifier. You will want to hire a lawyer who has plenty of verifiable experience working with the IRS. There is nothing wrong with asking the attorney how many tax law cases they have handled and what the results have been.

The more that a lawyer has worked with the IRS the higher the rate of success your case is likely to have if you are going to file a dispute against the IRS.

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Reputation matters

After determining that an attorney is qualified to work on your case, you want to check out their reputation. Today this is easier to do than ever. It is as simple as Googling the law firm’s name or Googling the lawyer’s name. Most law firms have easy and accessible ways for past clients to leave reviews for them. These reviewers will not lie. You, of course, want to look for a law firm that has the most five-star reviews.

You will want to understand what the fees will be and have and gain an understanding of how long the case will take. You will also want to understand what the best way will be to communicate with the attorney or their teams. This could include email, text or phone calls.

During the initial meetings with an attorney, you will want to be sure to bring all of the documents that might pertain to your case. This will include your recent tax returns and any and all documents that might pertain to them.

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Depending on how severe your case on tax fraud is will determine how much you need to look for a lawyer who just practices tax law. You need to understand that most law firms practice different types of law from bankruptcy to divorce and many of these firms will also offer tax law. When interviewing attorneys, you just want to make sure they have had experience working with the IRS.

After you hire a tax law attorney is it important to let them do all of the communication with the IRS for you. A miscommunication with the IRS could result in even more damage to your life. Thus, the reason for hiring a tax law lawyer.

As suggested by hansontaxlaw.com, Tulsa, Oklahoma law firm, after the case starts, you will want to be sure to keep communication lines open with your attorney. You will want your lawyer to keep you informed of their communication with the IRS and any important developments. It is better to let a tax law lawyer handle the IRS than to deal with them yourselves.