Guccio Gucci – Founder Of The Iconic Brand

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Starting from an innovative idea of a young Italian man, Guccio Gucci places the family company in an influential culture and identity that is easily recognizable to all. Guccio will be a fearless man who will play with the codes of fashion and style of the English aristocracy, but is its life’s history automatically linked to the firm?

Guccio Gucci – A Story of Ambition. The Beginning of the Symbolic Vocabulary of the House 

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Contrary to what we see everywhere, Gucci is not a typical haute couture house. Like Hermès, he specialized in leather.

Indeed, Guccio was an Italian leather goods manufacturer. Born in Florence to a leather goods artist father and a Modest mother in 1881, he traveled with his parents through the European capitals and ended up in London, where he worked as a porter at the Savoy Hotel in London. This period was of decisive importance in the Gucci style. So keep that in mind.

The hotel is the first public building in the world to be lit by electricity when it was built in 1889. Claude Monet, painted from his room in the Savoy and Sarah Bernhardt (one of the most prestigious actresses in French theatre forgotten today), will live there.

A place where wealthy families, aristocrats, and the high bourgeoisie of the whole world crowd together. Indeed, the lifestyle for these classes at the time was combined with trips, social evenings, dinners, and various activities that led the women to change their clothes several times a day. Generally, each activity has its outfit and, therefore, it’s leather accessories. One particular activity caught the young Italian’s eye: horseback riding. Indeed, all the women of the elite have a horse to ride regularly.  

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He who had come to London to seek his fortune and inspiration opened his first shop in 1921 in his native Florence. Gucci was born. He will sell what he learned at the Savoy Hotel, furs, and other riding accessories. However, he will bring the touch he spotted in London, that of the luxurious refinement of the equestrian world. 

However, there is a problem, and of course, Guccio Gucci is suffering some commercial setbacks, and the Italian political instability that has seen Mussolini in power since 1922 is not helping. To cope with this, he decided to expand the range of his products. Gucci is moving a little further away from the equestrian world.

It paid off with a second store opening in 1938 on Via Condotti in Florence, 5ème avenue de New-York, and Avenue Montaigne in the Italian district of Paris. The street dedicated to luxury and elegant Italian women.

The Iconic Symbols and Motifs of the Designer  

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The Gucci house combines symbols and iconic creations. Guccio Gucci, after the immense success of the Bamboo bag, he developed the iconic cloakroom of his House. A timeless Italian style. 

One of the enormous legacies left by Guccio is, of course, his Web band. Its green stripes that embrace a red stripe make the identity of the House still today. A signature that immediately identifies the origin of the House. Inimitable and iconic.

Then where did it come from? Well, the origin is simple. It refers to the colors traditionally found in the English horse riding society. A symbol that immediately indicates the brand’s reputation will be inlaid on the bags, and other must-have that customers are craving. The stars will not hesitate to show themselves with it as Jackie Kennedy did with her iconic Jackie O bag, where she will confess to being totally devoted to Gucci. 

Other iconic symbols of the brand that refer to Guccio Gucci or its initiator and complete the company’s vocabulary are: the double GG interlaced (which refers to the creator’s initials), the horse (which obviously refers to the brand’s origins), the diamond motif (that is regularly found in its clothes) like the beige tartan for Burberry or the LV logo for Louis Vuitton is a must carry by all elegant women.

Thus Guccio determined for eternity the identity of a House that would become an empire. Symbols and patterns that instantly identify the House. An effective, timeless marketing tool. If you want to buy an item signed Gucci, you can visit