Happy Birthday Mazda6!: 15 years of Japanese Work-of-Art vehicle


Being in production for three generations during 15 years and counting means that the vehicle we have here is one of the best you can get! Well, ladies and gents, Mazda6 is exactly that.

Magnificent driving dynamics, beautiful design that simply stood out from the beginning among the competition and great craftsmanship surely made a name for this gem from Japan. Once called ‘king of the midsize range’ now celebrates its 15th birthday. Old but contemporary, few have succeeded in becoming just that!

Exactly 15 years have passed since Mazda6 went on sale internationally and it is still getting good benchmark results for its segment thus making the Mazda brand proud.


The company has made a hefty amount of changes in recent years that elevate the vehicle among its peers instead of waiting for mid-cycle refreshes to better the model.

In 2015 the Japanese automaker applied subtle improvements to what was already a well-made third-generation model after adopting Kodo-Soul of Motion design and efficiency improving Skyactiv Technology.

In 2017 the company added some more of the premium features for the new version. Some of those improvements have been introduced in the all-new Mazda CX-9 and include additional sound insulation thanks to thicker door seals and laminated front glass. They also brought optional Nappa leather seating surfaces and rear USB charging ports.


The first vehicle in the North America to include G-Vectoring was no one other than Mazda6. That was an exclusive technology that uses throttle and steering inputs to smooth out steering feel which gives you a better confidence behind the wheel and better road handling.

So happy birthday once again Mazda6, after 15 years we now know for sure that whatever you do, you won’t let us down on the road!