Most Likely Match For WWE Title At Summerslam


We are slowly but surely going into the summer. The WWE is having these transitional shows right now before the next important pay per view which is always Money In The Bank. We all know that the summer season in the world of the WWE ends with the Summerslam that comes in the month of August and we are soon going to see the company make decisions that are going to impact their biggest show of the summer.

Now, the Universal Title is likely going to be in the main event of that show with Brock Lesnar defending it and headlining the Summerslam for the fourth year in a row. That doesn’t mean that the WWE Championship won’t be an important thing at the biggest show of the summer. In fact, we think that WWE has big plans for the title match.


Randy Orton is the champion as of right now. We don’t really see him losing the title against Jinder Mahal, nor any other challenger before the Summerslam. AJ Styles is working with Kevin Owens for the US championship, but the way in which they are branding KO as The Face of America and always talking about Jericho, it’s hard to believe that Owens will drop the belt to AJ.

So, with AJ being primed for a big babyface run, we think that he is going to be the one to challenge Randy Orton at the Summerslam. Baron Corbin will probably be the one to win Money In The Bank and be that heel that usually wins it. Styles will have a big babyface run on Smackdown Live, and it is all going to start with him battling Randy at the most important show of the summer.