10 Common Mistakes When Hiring A Resume Writing Service And How to Avoid Them


The job market is tough, and competition is fierce. There is no job for which there aren’t hundreds of people applying and even more seeking the same position. So when it comes to hiring, you need to make sure that your resume gets noticed in the interview process and that the person hired has what it takes to do the job properly.

Every year thousands of people apply for only a few jobs, so when making your decision about what resume services to hire, you need something powerful in order not be overlooked by other applicants who want these same jobs so badly they’ll ignore their shortcomings for a chance at victory.

These are ten common mistakes that people make when hiring a resume service and how to avoid them:

1. Typos and Grammatical Errors


Mistakes in resumes or job applications come in all shapes and sizes, but the most egregious errors are typographical. You need to make sure that there are no errors in spelling or grammar. Nothing turns off a potential employer faster than obviously unedited material. Make sure your service provider thoroughly reviews your resume for mistakes and makes any corrections before delivery.

If you’re writing your resume and you come across an error that’s not grammatically correct or awkwardly worded, don’t hesitate to ask your resume service provider for help. You should also consider contacting a professional copy editor before submitting the document. A good editor should be able to point out obvious errors and those that might be more subtle and harder to notice. Finally, when your resume is edited, make sure to double-check it for typos and other mistakes using a computer or word-processing application such as spellcheck or Grammarly.

2. There is a lack of specifics

The best resume writing service will also put you in touch with a team of experts who could give you the inside scoop on what you need to do if you want to score that perfect job. However, not all resume writers are created equal. If you’re looking for top-rated resume writing services, then don’t settle for anything less than the best. You might also want to give some thought to the individual skills you are looking for in someone who can write your resume. You might have to miss the deadline you are working on if you don’t have a tailored resume for your job market.

3. Emphasizing duties instead of accomplishments

This is where you shine, not where you currently are. You need to show that you are looking for an opportunity that will allow you to further your career instead of simply replicating what you have done in the past. If they don’t see the difference, how can they know whether their needs are being met or if they need to find someone else?

You must take the time to highlight your accomplishments so that the company hiring you will know what you are capable of. Use bullet points to explain what you’ve done and how you’ve done it. For instance, instead of writing “Sold $200,000 worth of products in one year”, explain how many sales calls it took to close each deal instead or write that you made X amount of phone calls for each sale. Always make sure that your resume writing service highlights your accomplishments, not your current responsibilities.

4. Cutting things too short or going on for too long


Your resume should have 3-5 highlighted activities minimum for each of your core areas of skill and/or expertise. Keeping it short keeps it focused, efficient and interesting. You are not trying to write a novel, just the essential information to help your potential employer see your experiences as best-suited for the job.

Resume writing services allow you the time and peace of mind to focus on what’s important – your future. However, writing resumes for yourself is extremely time-consuming and draining, so consider using a resume writing service to make it stress-free. Ultimately, doing too much or cutting things short can cost you more money in the long run by not getting you hired faster.

5. Bad Summary


Your resume summary is the first thing that your viewer will see. It’s the first impression they will have of you, so it must leave a lasting impression. But if it doesn’t, the hiring manager will likely pass over your resume and look for one with a more engaging summary.

6. Unreadable Fonts and Colors

You don’t need to spend hours perfecting your resume; you just need to make sure it’s readable. Make sure you use fonts and colors easy on the eye, which will help keep your readers focused on what you are saying rather than constantly fighting with what is being said on their computer screen.

7. Lack of Personal Highlights

You need some good old-fashioned bragging. You need to let the potential employer know how you are going to benefit them and what you can expect from them in return for those benefits. Hiring someone who is self-centred and doesn’t care about them or, more importantly, their bottom line is a risky move for any company because it could cause problems down the road.

8. Listing What You Did Instead of What You’ve Done

You must learn to master the difference between what you did at your previous jobs and what you’ve accomplished during your career because this is where companies make decisions about whether or not they want to hire you.

9. Bad Overview and Introduction

The introduction section should contain your contact information or, at the very least, a link or email address so that if they are interested in finding out more about you, they have a way to reach you. This should be the only information included in the introduction.

Make sure your resume writer understands your background and knows how to properly add depth and detail so that your resume does not come across as shallow or boring. Your resume is a selling tool, not an outline of facts! Therefore, it maximizes your strengths by arranging them in an order that will impress the reader. This means discussing your accomplishments and downplaying the jobs you held, day after day, year after year, doing the same thing.

10. Weak Closing Statement

Source: liveabout.com

Your closing statement should be short and sweet. It’s the last thing people see, so it needs to have some impact. You can’t just close by saying “Call for an interview” because that’s what you’re supposed to do anyway. Instead, convey your main points again in a brief closing statement.

In conclusion, the best way to avoid these mistakes is to have a clear idea of your goals before you begin the process of hiring a professional Resume Consultant. However, be realistic about your expectations. You shouldn’t expect to get a package to send out to prospective employers and watch the job offers roll in overnight.

If you make common mistakes when hiring a resume writing service, your efforts will be wasted.

Get the job you want by having your resume written by a professional. A well-written resume can open doors that you didn’t even know existed! You need to make sure that your potential employer knows that you are interested in working for their company and why they would benefit from hiring someone like you, so take the time to research potential employers and tailor your package accordingly.