How Can a Roof Restoration Add Value to Your Home


An often asked question from homeowners who want to sell their house is ” Does replacing the roof of my home increase the resale value of it?” Of course, this cannot be known for certain, but a lot of homeowners who have done a roof restoration have shown satisfaction and an increase in the value of their properties.

When looking at all the factors and reports concerning the prices of a new roof, the multiple reasons for a high return on your pricy investment are both cutting-edge and timeless. From reducing energy loss to increase the curb appeal of your home to reducing UV penetration with the new modern roofing materials are only some of the benefits, as suggested by Trend Painting Solutions.

We have made a shortlist of the most important reasons why putting a new roof is a good investment.

Recovered costs


According to a recent report done by NAR or the National Association of Realtors, of all the repairs you can do to a home to increase its resale value, a new roof scored place number one. Amazingly, while reports estimate that the average return on investment for a new roof to be somewhere between 80 and 85 percent, this report had cases where the new roofs recovered over 100 percent of its cost after resale.

Normally, every home’s value and its resale price are defined by a unique set of circumstances. Additionally, these report numbers should be looked at as an indicator of the trends in the market, it is not a guarantee for a specific return on investment. However, when comparing the satisfaction of homeowners with other remodeling projects, a new roof still came out as number one. When you need a roof inspection, get in touch with companies such as RBS Roofing.



We have all heard about curb appeal, what does it really mean when it comes a home’s roof influence to potential buyers? The term refers to the roof’s signs of aging or need of repair which could potentially scare away any potential customers. At the very least, it might force them to think about how much all those repairs would cost them which will ultimately influence their final offer for your home.

On the other hand, when prospective buyers see a brand new roof adding to the beauty of a home, they immediately get the impression that the entire house or even property is cared for properly. As a result, it is more likely that they make offers that match the real value of the home.

The improved overall health of the home


Issues with trapped dampness and mold growth can cause several problems with the structure’s integrity, as well as the health problems of those who live in the home. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention list repairing a leaking, damaged or old roof as one of the biggest factors in bringing down the risk of bad air quality in homes. A new roof for a home can be a big plus in safety for potential buyers.