Stay Safe On The Road – Maintain Your Vehicle

Proper car maintenance results in safety while on the road. This increases the life expectancy of your car, makes it look brand-new, and keeps you safe on the road. So if you want all of that, you how to follow a strict maintenance schedule, for your car to perform in peak condition.

1. Checking the Air Filter

You’d be surprised at how many car problems are caused due to clogged air filters. It’s the air filter’s job to prevent any dust, dirt, debris, or particles from entering the engine part. Your engine requires air during combustion, and having clogged air filters could cause a drop in performance.

A general rule of thumb would be to change your air filters every 12 months, or after passing 12,000 miles. Ignoring the maintenance of the air filters could lead to various problems both inside of your car and inside your cabin.

2. Tire Pressure

Another highly important thing that you should never ignore is checking the tire pressure before going on the road. Tires are very important for efficiency, safety, and comfort, while on the road. So checking whether they’re in peak condition is of utmost importance. Furthermore, regular maintenance will result in saving time and money.

3. Inspect Fluids

A good maintenance tip would be to inspect car fluids. This is a very straightforward task and all you have to do is pop the hood and remove the oil dipstick from the engine. Upon inspection, clean it and put it back again if the oil is no up to a certain level. Checking the oil color is also important as anything but the optimal color means you need oil replacing, this is according to experts at Coastwide Mobile Roadworthys & Air Conditioning.

There are other fluids you can check while at it such as the power steering fluid and transmission fluid levels, and you can also inspect the hoses and belts for any signs of wear or tear.

4. Checking the Spark Plugs

There could be many reasons as to why your engine would not work properly. One reason could be down to the spark plugs, which are prone to wear and prone to cover buildup. If they are indeed the problem, then your car will let you know that they need replacing.

If your spark plugs are old and haven’t been replaced in years, consider doing so as their lifespan doesn’t go above 30,000 miles passed. But before doing so, you should always check your car manual for any information related to them.

5. Replace Wipers and Clean Windshields

A dirty windshield can result in a lot of stress and safety issues when on the road. A dirty and unclean windshield prevents you from seeing properly and clearly. So it goes without saying that the easiest car maintenance tip would be to clean them.

On the other hand, wipers are directly responsible for cleaning them, so if you notice that your windshield is poorly cleaned then it could be down to the wipers. Replacing the wipers is a piece of cake, and they cost nothing compared to the benefits you get by having a clear view while driving.