How SEO Tools can give your Business an Edge in the Market

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Having a website for your company, you must already have heard of SEM (Search engine marketing). SEM is an essential part not only of promoting your website itself, but also your business in general.

Google Ads are definitely not enough. Sure, they make you visible. But think about that — how often do you click on ads, or choose sponsored websites that pop up at the top of your search results? Personally, I never do that.

Here’s where SEO (Search engine optimization) and its tools should step in!

SEO: long story short

SEO makes your website more visible and increases its traffic. The more visible your page is, the more popular your brand can get and the more credibility as an entrepreneur you can gain.

There are two main SEO categories:

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  1. On-page
    This part of SEO is all about how your website is built. That is what the viewer’s experience is, the way they navigate through your page and how fast they can find what they are looking for. All such information is used by Google (and other search engines) while ranking websites.
  2. Off-page
    If on-page factors concern your website itself — think of the website as of a physically existing shop or mall, then off-page factors are your website’s (or shop’s, or mall’s) external environment.

Basically, it’s like, how you move in a shop, how products are located there, etc. and 2nd How the external environment sees your shop, what others are saying about it, how well and often are others recommending the place… Ever since I heard the metaphor, it’s easier for me to imagine how my possible clients would respond to my company’s website.

The off-page adventure

Your website is already perfectly planned and built, or you’re working on it carefully? Wonderful! In the meanwhile though, don’t forget about how the external, off-page background!

It may seem to be complicated and chaotic work at first, but once you plan and create an appropriate SEO campaign and use good SEO tools, you’ll see a beautiful, regular increase of organic traffic and, what comes with that, how your website is getting higher and higher in search results.

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If it’s the first time you hear about SEM and SEO, don’t hesitate to use some help from specialists, like for instance. Start off with a pinch of help, but try to learn the techniques and campaign methods, as well, so you can be aware of what your page and your business itself actually need.

What can help you to understand what’s happening in the off-page environment?

SEO tools

They gather and analyze all possible information about your own website and its position on SERPs (Search engine results pages), as well as about the websites of your competitors.

The factors that SEO tools are taking into account are the following:

  1. Content and keywords – Keywords are the particular words and phrases used by web viewers to find what they need or are interested in. SEO tool can check which keywords work best for website’s popularity.
    The content on a website as to be of great quality and uniqueness. It shouldn’t be weirdly overloaded with random keywords, the longer and more solid articles, the better. Google can smell suspicious tricks very easily! Topics should be relevant to what you’re doing and good keywords placed in titles help your possible clients navigate through your website with better results.
  2. Domain – The name of your domain is one of the deciding factors, as well. If it’s connected to your business and includes popular keywords, it’ll be easier for you to get more organic traffic.

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  3. Backlinks – You have to take good care of your backlinks profile. If the page that inserted a link referring to your website got wonderful rates on your SEO tool, its juices will influence the way that Google sees you — positively! With SEO tools you can also easily judge if a website you want to get a backlink from will help you anyhow, or (beware!) harm your traffic.
  4. Ranking and traffic – This category speak for itself clearly. You can see how high, or low is a website placed and how much organic traffic it gets. It’s important to be able to estimate if a website enjoys healthy, stable traffic, or even better — a beautiful systematic growth of it! See a sudden, huge decrease in the diagram? That’s a red flag! It’s a sign that the page must have seemed suspicious for the search engine at some point. On the one hand, it may be ‘toxic’ for your website to get your backlink put there, while on the other hand — it can be a perfect reason to negotiate the price.

Why SEO tools?

Every tool ever made is a great help in daily life. Eating steak with your fingers? Possible, but isn’t it more effective to use a fork and a knife? The same goes for SEM campaigns. Why making it harder and ineffective, if you have perfect tools to make your website reliable and more visible? Give them a try!