Top 5 most expensive villas in UAE


Who doesn’t like living in a beautiful house? Especially when it looks like something from your dreams. Living in a luxurious house sure has its benefits, but when it comes to purchasing one, well, the price is quite shocking. One day we might be able to have the house of our dreams, but until then, let’s take a look at the top five most expensive villas in UAE.

1. The Mediterranean style mansion in Dubai Hills Estate – Approximately 140 Million AED


When you simply look at this villa, you’ll know why it’s worth so much. Everything just looks so luxurious, starting from the floors and the exterior walls of the house. Not to mention the insides, every piece of furniture is probably worth thousands of dollars. The house has an outdoor pool in a very interesting shape, a yard where you can relax and enjoy some coffee by the water, and a balcony that is positioned right in front of the pool. It has a lot of bedrooms and multiple bathrooms, and almost every room has a glass wall that allows you to look outside and enjoy the view.

2. Golf Villa in Dubai Hills – Approximately 100 Million AED


This Villa has more than seven bedrooms and it’s quite large, meaning that a large group of people can rent it without any issues. On the outside, theirs is a large pool right in front of the house, with a deep and a shallow part as well, meaning that you can either relax with only your feet in the water or swim deeply if that’s what you like.

The pool is not just of any kind, it’s a temperature-controlled infinity pool and it is centered on an 18-hole championship top-tier golf course. There are tons of other things you can do in this villa if you’re not into swimming or golfing, there is a gym, a private sauna, private BBQ area and a private games room.

3. Exquisite Villa in Emirates Hills – Approximately 98 Million AED

According to Bayut real estate agency, this villa is located in the Emirates Hills and offers an amazing view of the golf course and Dubai’s skyline. It has an amazing pool on the outside that ends right at the edge of the yard and beautiful nature all around it. The style is minimalistic and “clean”, and it simply offers a beautiful experience

4. Serviced Villa on Palm Jumeirah – Approximately 80 Million AED


If you are visiting The United Arab Emirates and you want to settle in one of the most comfortable Villas, this one is definitely the right choice. It comes fully furnished and also offers an infinity pool. The interior design style is very professional and it truly feels like you’re in some of the most expensive hotels in the world. Just like the previous ones, this villa also features a private gym, parking space, elevator, and a Jacuzzi.

5. Villa in Mohammed Bin Rashid City – Approximately 79 Million AED


This villa probably features one of the most modern styles both for the exterior and interior. Everything is minimalistic and has a clean look, with a huge living room and a kitchen. The insides of this villa look very futuristic, so if this is your thing, definitely take a look at this house. It has more than 7 bedrooms and plenty of outdoor space for all kinds of activities.