How to Dress Your Own Sex Doll

If you are looking for the best ways to dress your own sex doll, then you have come to the right place. After choosing your doll’s color of the skin, hairstyle, and eye color, the next best thing is dressing her up so that she can look sexier.

So if you are in search of a genuine bond with your doll, please buy her some real clothes. This can be guided by how you want her to look like. For example, it can be a sexy nurse or a flight attendant. There are so many creative ways to dress your doll, and you just have to choose the one that will turn you on,

1. Wash your doll

The most important step before you start dressing is cleaning. These sex toys always come with the vaginal flusher. You can use a water pump and a piece of cloth to clean the vaginal parts.

You can use soap and water to clean for cleaning the outside areas. You can wipe it with a dry towel till its dry. Using a dry will cause damage to the doll because it melts at 40ºC. The next step is applying some powder.

For more detailed steps on cleaning sex dolls, please check this article.

2. Follow your fantasies

Everyone has a favorite dressing style they find sexy. It is essential to follow your fantasies while in search of the best sex doll clothes. Following your favorite fantasies to buy sex doll clothes will increase your interests. You will become more attracted to the sex doll, and you will get aroused easily.

Your fantasies should also influence the type of hair and makeup that you want your doll to wear. Imagination is the best place that you can harvest many ideas when it comes to dressing your doll.

3. Get her some fitting doll clothes

The second step after following your fantasies is to choose well-fitting garments. This seems obvious, but a lot of people always forget to consider it. Smaller sex doll clothes are comfortable to find than the unrealistically sized dolls. However, if you invest your money and time for searching, you will finally land for the right size.

It is easy for the best sex dolls to convey according to what you want. It’s a hard thing to do, but it gets easy every time you experiment. As long as you get fitting clothes for your doll, then it will look stunning. Oversized garments are not the best options when it comes to dolls.

4. Pick the right lingerie

Dressing a sex doll is actually the same as dressing a real human sexual partner. Since sex dolls give the best achievable sexual pleasures, you need to wear them nicely too. Sometimes it can be hard for men to figure out the right bra size, and that’s why we are here to help you out today.

If you want to find the right bra size, then you need to take three measurements from her. A tape measure is the best to use for this instance. The first is that you need to measure is the band size. This is the area beneath the bust and the curvature of the breast. If your doll is larger, perhaps you will need plus-size bras, and more can be found at

The second area that you should take measurements is the bust. This refers to the full roundness of her boobs with the nipples included. However, the most popular way of buying the right size of a bra is by determining the cup size.

5. Consider getting some accessories

You can use some cool accessories to make like your favorite game or movie character. It is easy to find manga and anime Coplay costumes in so many places on the internet today.

You might also want to get some stockings for her if you don’t like her feet. The key to your happiness will only be based on whether you find her attractive. A sex doll is like an investment, so you should take care of her by getting some nice accessories.

6. Change her hair color

There are so many options that you can pick from. It all depends on your personal preferences. I recommend buying wigs of the colors that you love most. Long blonde hair wig is a popular choice. Blonde and red hair are the best colors to choose if you are looking for a more fetish look. However, if you want a powerful or strict rule, then black is the best color to choose from. Remember that the hair can play a significant role when it comes to making your doll look more attractive.

7. Applying makeup


A natural look is dull for sex dolls. You should give your doll the sexy rock star look by applying makeup. Make the lips shine with the color of your choice. Many people have a thing for big sexy lips, so it makes sense to decorate your doll as you wish.

Not all men are good at makeup. However, these tips are very important if you want to make your doll look more attractive. First, water-based makeup is the best to use in this case. It is not a must to use a concealer when applying to make up because it has very smooth skin.

You can blush your doll’s cheek using a pink blush to make her look energetic and young. It is important to make the lipstick color match with all other makeup on her.

8. Match the colors


It’s important to match the colors of your doll event though you’re not going to show it to people. Dressing her on attractive clothes will boosts or help maintain your interests. Apart from matching clothes such as lingerie, it is also important to match the makeup.

Final Thoughts

Dressing your own sex doll can be easy and fun. First, you need to make sure that she is clean before dressing her some new clothes. Picking the best outfits for your dolls highly depends on your fantasies. It will help you choose the best costumes for your dolls. Also, remember to take note of your doll’s measurements so that you can buy fitting parts. Other things that you can do to make your doll look good are changing the hair color, accessories, and applying makeup.