Things to Do to Stop Your Dog from Barking


Dogs tend to bark when something catches their eyes or attention. Their barks may sound cute. But, barking aggressively and excessively is different. There are some dog owners out there who don’t know the right ways to do to stop their dogs from howling excessively. If you are one of them, then this article is for you.

In this post, we are going to provide you with the steps to avoid dogs from too much barking. Most of the techniques listed below are proven effective and will not harm your furry friend. But, you should expect that these techniques will not work in just a night.

The longer the time your dog has been howling excessively, it tends to be his or her habit. As a result, you might have a hard time to change this behavior. So, if you are a new dog owner, it is important to practice these techniques to teach your dog the proper behavior. However, there are certain times that our dog’s aggressive behavior can get out of hand, giving them calming treats effectively relieve their anxiety and lower their stress levels. These calming treats from Karma Pets are made from organic and healthy ingredients so you can be sure that your dog’s health is not at stake

Some of the following techniques need you to determine the reasons behind your excessive barking dogs. Keep in mind the following tips;

  1. When your dogs are barking, do not yell at them. This is because they might think that you are also howling and tolerate their wrong behavior.
  2. Make sure that each of your dog training is upbeat and always positive.
  3. Another important thing to keep in mind is to be consistent. Your family members inside your house should be cooperative when it comes to using the barking training methods. Also, make sure that your family members are doing it properly.

Remove The Motivation

The first technique that you might consider using is to get rid of the motivation. Some of the dog owners give a treat to their dogs as a reward when they bark. This means that when there is no treat, your dogs will not bark. Determine the things that he can get to bark and eliminate them. Do not give your dog the chance to continue their wrong behavior in barking.

Ignore Their Barks

Another effective technique is to ignore the barks of your dog until they stop. This only means that you will not glare at them while they are still crying. Your dogs bark when they want to catch your attention. So, if you look at them, they consider it as a reward. Ignoring your dog means you will not look at him, touch him, or even talk to him. When they stop their bad habit, give him a treat as a reward.

To do this technique successfully, you need to wait for several minutes until they stop it. For example, if they bark within an hour and you get so annoyed, so you shout at him. In this case, the next time that they will bark, it can last longer than it had before. This is because they can conclude that barking for a long time is their way to catching your attention.

Teach Them with the Quiet Command

You might think that the first step you need to do is quite nonsensical, but you need to ensure that your dog will learn how to bark with your command. Teach your dog the “speak” command. Wait for some minutes until they bark for about three times. After that, reward him for doing your command. When they stop to bark and start sniffing the reward, provide him a treat again. Perform this process until they adopt to bark when they hear the word “speak.”

When your dogs bark after your command, you can now start teaching them the “quiet” command. You need to perform this technique in a quiet area, where you and your dogs will not get distracted. After that, command your dog to “speak.” When they start to bark, command them to be “quiet.” When they stop crying, give them a treat that they will surely love.

Desensitize Your Dogs to the Stimulus

As we have mentioned above, you need to determine the main cause of why your dogs are barking. You can use the stimulus and place it farther from their place. You should place it in an area where they will not bark even though they see it. After that, give him loads of sweets or treats. Now, place the stimulus a little bit close to their place. Give them treats. If the stimulus starts moving and your dogs can’t see it, then retrieve it from giving treats. This step will enable your dog to understand that the stimulus appearances will cause them to have treats.

Keep Your Dog Exhausted

It is important to make sure that your furry friend is getting enough mental and physical workout every single day. An exhausted dog is considered to be a good boy or girl. Varying upon their health, age, and breed, your furry friend needs some walks at the park. They also love playing some games, such as ball chasing and interacting with toys.


Barking is a natural behavior of a dog, despite their breeds. But, this can annoy someone. This is always true if they start barking in the middle of the night. The above mentioned are the natural techniques that you can consider to minimize your dog from growling.

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