How to Play Blackjack Online in the US


Playing games online has been a thing for a few years now. With many services offering online casino games it is easy to be caught in and start playing. Before starting it is always good to get familiar with the game rules. In casino games and online ones can be a bit different since there is an automated system involved, and luck plays a very big part when it comes to concerning the game. In addition, it is important to check the rules and regulations regarding online betting in the country you are residing in. More about the way blackjack is played online will be laid down below.




Rules of blackjack are very simple. There is a dealer and the players. The player is competing against the dealer. The goal is to get the sum of cards 21 or less. If the sum is higher than 21 that one is busted. If the player is close to 21, and the deal has more than that, he is busted and the payment is 1 to 1. The same goes if the sum of the player is closer to 21 that the dealers are. The increased payoff in the ratio 3:2 can be achieved if the score of 21 occurs by only two cards. No payment is being met and there is a payback of the money if both player and the dealer have the same sum of the cards.


Summing up the cards is fairly easy, since all face cards are counted as 10s, numbers have their written value and Ace can be portrayed as 1 or 11, this solely depends on the rest of the cards in hand.

When it comes to playing online it is always good to check what the minimum and maximum bets per round are. In most cases on the online games, this will be displayed on the screen itself.



There are some specific terms that are being used in the game and it is good to know them before starting the game.

Hit- this is used when you want to add one more cart to the already dealt cards.

When you already have two cards, you can decide will you add one more; this solely depends on the sum of the cards in hand. If you estimate that you will benefit from one more card, just click hit.

Stand- this one is self-explanatory; basically when you don’t want more cards, just by calling stand.

Double down- this is one of the most exciting terms, in essence, it means that the bet is doubled and only one card can be taken after this move.

Splitting- if it happens to get two of the same cards you can split them with addition to the existing bet. Each card is now played separately. This can increase the chances of winning. Some games do not allow splitting of the aces or if they do, they offer a lower payment ratio.


Insurance- if the dealer’s card is an ace, a wild thing can happen and a pop up will ask you if you would like insurance. The sum that you add to the bet already placed is half of it. This means that if the dealer gets a sum of 21, with two cards the payment ratio is 2:1; if not insurance is lost, and the payment follows on the standard rules of the game. Even though this sounds good, it can be misleading and make you lose more than win.

Surrender- this one is used once you have seen your two cards, and you don’t want to proceed. In this case, you are losing only one half of the bet.

Online play


Now you know the terminology and rules, there is one more thing to pay attention to before diving into the online fun of playing. Firstly, you will need to pick a trusted online gaming service in order to actually win money, and don’t get scammed.

In addition to this, check the regulation of online gambling in the US country you are residing in. According to there is no law that is not allowing the playing of this game online. Some states, however, do consider it illegal, so for more information check the site above.

Once you have checked if the game you would like to play is legal, there are some tricks it will be nice to hold up the sleeve.


There is a specific strategy that can be used in playing this game, and first and most important is to pay very close attention to the cards that are on the desk and their values. If your mind is in the game, it will be easier and more accurate to make a decision that will lead to winning.

The so-called Oscar system is mostly used when playing blackjack. It relies on four basic rules; if you have won, increase the bet by one chip, if you have lost a hand, do not rise the bet, stay at the same amount as before. As soon as you earn additional money, restart. And last but not the least, never add more than one chip at the time.

There can be found some charts online that can assist you in winning, but in some cases, it can take the fun out of the game itself. Some recommend using these charts only in case of getting an Ace as a first card. This is, of course all up to you.



Even though this is one of the most popular and fairly easy games to play there are some guidelines that should be followed. Most important is safety both online and in the real world. This means that not only you need to look up the rules of the game, but also the regulations of the game in the state you are resident of in order to avoid possible unpleasant situations. Once you are sure you are safe, sit back, relax and may the odds be in your favor.