How to Properly Gear your Wow Raid for the Best Results – 2024 Guide

World of Warcraft is in the focus of attention once again as the official reveal of the newest expansion took place yesterday. With the ninth expansion Dragonflight being announced and a ton of new content coming probably by the end of the year, there is no time like the present to get back on the WoW hype. It is usually the best time to play the game when a new expansion gets announced because it means that you get to prepare for the inevitable arrival of what is to come.

Many players give up on some aspects of the game and focus on obtaining more gold, achievements, and fancy mounts. Finding new and exciting gear for your transmogs is also a thing to do.

Raiding and Gearing

However, none of these things will truly prepare you for what is the most important thing in WoW, and that is gearing up in/for raids. Getting the best gear possible for your characters is what the game is about because it increases player power. The better the gear, the more damage or healing you can do and the more protection against enemies you have. It is a simple premise. However, actually getting this gear is quite challenging because in order to do it you have to beat the strongest bosses in the expansion. Right now in Shadowlands, the final raid of the expansion is out and players are going up against The Jailer himself, Zovaal, in The Sanctum of Domination raid. Soon it will be another raid taking its place when the new expansion arrives, which means starting from scratch again and getting the new loot.

Gearing takes time and effort, as well as patience and experience. For a player to get all they need, they must not only play more than average but be lucky as well. The items will drop for other players more than they do for you. In a 25-man raid, you have minimal chances with every boss. There is a handful of items to go around and they drop randomly for the players, so waiting your turn is the only way to get it. Except if somebody does not need an item. If they have a better item equipped, they can trade it to anyone else in the party. So how can you gear up from raids the right way and how can you help your raid do the same? Read on to find out. If you want the best and fastest way possible, you should know that it comes in the form of boosting. To learn more about boosting in Shadowlands, make sure to check WoW Boost.

Bind of Equip (BOE) Gear

First and foremost, if you want your friends, guild members, or any other raid accomplices so that the whole raid achieves better results, you should start with items that do not drop from the bosses. There are items that the mobs along the way will drop for the players which does not become soulbound when you pick it up. It only becomes tied to the player if they equip it, meaning it can be traded and sold on the auction house. This gear is great for increasing your stats until you find something stronger. But if you do it on Mythic difficulty, the only stronger item in that slot would come from Mythic bosses.

This means that doing BOE Mythic farm runs can help the entire raid get some much needed loot and make everyone stronger for the actual boss raiding. If you lack time but have hundreds of thousands of gold to spend as a group, you can also but these items from the auction house. There are many willing to sell their BOE items because they do not need them, so make use of this system and but what you need. BOE items from the highest difficulty of the raid are always the best course of action until everyone is ready to actually start pushing the bosses. Without them, the strongest gear you can find comes from Heroic raiding, Mythic+ dungeons, and PvP.

The Great Vault

The reward system of WoW that all gameplay revolves around is called The Great Vault. Each week, it gives the players one free item as a reward for completing a certain amount of dungeons, raids, or PvP content. If you make sure to do everything the Vault asks, you will have nine items to choose from. Now, the harder the content you did, the higher the item level of your items. This means that you should do your best during the week and down as many bosses, finish as many dungeons, and earn as much rated PvP Honor as possible.

The challenges include 3, 7, and 10 latest raid bosses, 1, 4, and 10 Mythic+ dungeons, and 1250, 2500, and 6250 honor from Rated PvP. The harder the raid difficulty, the higher the Mythic+, and the higher your PvP rating, the better the items will be. If you want your raid to have the best items for your next Mythic push, you should help each other complete this content and get the best items the game can offer you. When the time comes to open the vault, you will have plenty to choose from. Picking the highest item level or choosing the item that will give you the most starts are two usual ways to pick the best item.

Complete Easier Difficulties

Last but not least, think about completing the easier raid difficulties of the raid you want to do. Not only will it give the players the items they may have missed in the past and allow them to get stronger, but it will also provide everyone with a fresh chance to get to know the raid layout as well as boss mechanics. On Mythic plus, everything is harder than on Heroic. On Heroic, everything is harder than on Normal. So starting from the bottom and making your way up means testing your entire raid and preparing together for the ultimate challenge which is Mythic raiding. Good gear is one thing, but knowing the mechanics and what your role is versus each boss is a whole other thing, equally as important.