How to Set Up a Live Casino

Today, gambling is a tap or click away, with an abundance of apps and sites packed with games. High-quality graphics and realistic effects ensure a thrilling and immersive experience, while the sheer number of players is mind-blowing. In the UK alone, it is estimated to have exceeded 36 million! For entrepreneurs, this translates into a viable money-making opportunity.

Digital gambling is in great demand in many countries, and there are turnkey solutions for your utmost convenience. With a reliable software provider, launching a website is no longer daunting. In fact, it is easier than you may think, given the existence of ready-made packages. For instance, online poker software from Evenbetgaming provides an out-of-the-box solution. Delegate the job to professionals with extensive experience and an impressive portfolio of completed projects.

Where to Start

For anyone planning to launch their own gambling site, there are two courses of action. The most patient and daring ones may find and hire specialists by themselves and have a project created from scratch. However, there is a much quicker and more convenient method – development on a turnkey basis. Here is what to look for in a provider:

  • Extensive portfolio with successful projects that are currently running;
  • Partnerships with top gaming content providers like Everi, IGT, etc.;
  • Smooth integration of loyalty systems;
  • Profound expertise in terms of the legislation applicable to e-platforms. Licensing is a crucial aspect of the process and it may involve overwhelming amounts of paperwork.

Choose Reputable Firms

Software providers focused on gambling solutions deliver fast and reliable results. Evenbet, for instance, has been around for 15+ years, and it is not shy about its achievements. Such teams can craft a versatile platform with a wide variety of games, along with security and customer support.

Your site will be packed with variations of poker, roulette, slots, blackjack, live dealer games, and much more. Importantly, it will be omni-platform, which means customers can play from any device. The software can be combined with any existing site.

Download vs. Instant Play

Many popular gambling platforms offer high-quality software, so players can install the games on their computers. In terms of functionality, there is usually little difference. Research shows that downloadable options are not as popular as developers would like them to be. After all, PCs or laptops are now used less than mobile devices.

Therefore, download options have little value if the games are easily accessible from a smartphone. Most people prefer to play on the go. Even when software provides more games, its advantages are questionable. Overall, it is up to you to decide if playing through a browser is enough. Mobile apps are much more appealing for obvious reasons.

RNG games

This abbreviation stands for ‘Random Number Generator”, and the category includes all the slots and table games that are fully automated. With sleek graphics and user-friendly nature, these constitute a lion’s share of any digital casino offerings. Make sure your software includes certified RNG that has been approved by iTechLabs, GLI, Quinel, or other reputable entities. This guarantees fairness.

Live Dealer Casino Games

As the term suggests, this format recreates the feel of a land-based casino. Table games, such as poker, are live-streamed, with a human dealer doing their job. The immersive nature of the experience accounts for its popularity. Top platforms use multiple camera angles, chat with the dealer, and customizable settings.

However, the scheme has a few drawbacks. First, filming a live dealer requires a sizeable investment. Site owners need to have a studio with cameramen, an IT manager, and a pit boss. Secondly, the game is slower than any automated one. This is because a user has to wait until all of his peers make their moves.

Social Dimension: Let Your Clients Connect

Today, social networks are ubiquitous. For many, they have replaced the mainstream media and other sources of entertainment. Casino environments are also adopting social media features. These changes have given rise to a trend known as ‘social casino’. Here is what this means.

What Is Social iGambling?

The phenomenon is understood as use of games that may be downloaded or played online on different devices or social networks. This may be slots, video poker, keno, bingo, blackjack, etc. Internet-based casinos are increasingly integrating social features into their models. Here are a few.

Free Coins

This is a salient feature of any popular and trustworthy casino brand. Players appreciate it when they can hone their skills for free, without risking hard-earned cash in the process. It is a powerful magnet for new users. Free coins may take the form of daily bonuses, rewards for leveling up, etc.

Social Features

The social model provides clients with an opportunity to invite friends and play together. Basically, it looks like a social community inside a gambling platform. Players may send each other coins as gifts and share them.

Features of Software

Here are a few distinguishing features of top-class software packages. See if your potential provider can deliver all of them. If they can, you are making the right choice.

1.    Distribution and Clustering

For your platform with all its myriad games to function smoothly, it must rely on several servers. This is imperative for uninterrupted work. Scalability is key.

2.    Comprehensive Back Office Tools

These must allow your team to access and manage project metrics, users, games, and financial flows. Any suspicious transactions must be detected and counteracted immediately. Anti-fraud protection is vital.

3.    Several Modes, Platforms, and Languages

Cross-platform compatibility is indispensable. Players should be able to access their favorite games from both desktop and mobile devices. It is also worth adding a free trial mode, so there is an opportunity to practice with zero risk. Finally, the more languages your support knows, the more international players you can potentially attract.

4.    Smooth Financial Transactions

Top casinos accept dozens of payment methods, from credit cards to e-wallets and prepaid vouchers. Players should easily see the status of each transaction.

Overall, launching a virtual platform involves quite a few important considerations. All-in-one solutions from reliable developer teams eliminate most of the hurdles. Online gambling brings impressive revenues. So, why not get your own piece of the pie?