7 Best Television Genres to Watch with Friends


Nothing – and I mean nothing – beats watching new TV shows with your friends. They’re something to get excited about each week, they’re something to gossip about on Twitter, they’re something to laugh about in the office. And let’s not forget how fun binge-watching on Netflix is. But what exactly are the best television shows to watch alongside your friends? If you and your best mates are at a loss and don’t know what to start next, then here are some good genres to begin selecting from. Just remember… no spoilers!

1. Horror TV Shows


Nothing bonds people like a near-death experience, right? Well, watching a horror tv series with friends can have that same effect, just to a lesser extent. You scream together. You cry together. You huddle together. Honestly, it’s an amazing team-building exercise, nightmares, and trauma aside. One brilliant TV show to watch with your friends is The Haunting of Hill House. It’s tantalizingly tense, creepily addictive, and bound to make you scream, then laugh (because surely fiction shouldn’t be this scary?), then scream again. Case and point: my best friend and I ended up sharing the bed after episode five because we were both so terrified.

2. Reality TV Shows


Part of what makes a reality TV series like Love Island so popular is the fact it gives people something to talk about collectively. Plus, live-tweeting with others whilst the show is airing is really entertaining, resulting in all sorts of hilarious memes getting spawned with each new episode. You don’t have to pay much attention to reality television – you can just enjoy the social activities that come with it, such as viewing parties.

Moreover, with websites like www.celebnetwork.com, you can read all about the stars of the show and the behind-the-scenes action. If you and your friends enjoy drama-free existences, but still like gossip here and there, then reality television is the way to go.

3. Thriller TV Shows


Want to get your blood pumping? Watch a thriller with your friends. There’s something strangely addictive about the twists and turns of a suspenseful TV series, so it’s perfect to binge-watch with friends. Furthermore, it’s a real bonding exercise trying to solve their mysteries together – just look at the forums for fan-theories. Sometimes, it even feels like you’re in the show yourself. Plus, nothing makes better conversation than discussing the latest cliff-hangers of your favorite show. Honestly, my friends and I spent hours talking about the thriller series You when it debuted on Netflix.

4. Comedy TV Shows


Why are things so much funnier when you get to share them with other people? It’s just not the same sitting down to watch Our Country without someone else by your side. As such, comedy shows are another excellent genre to begin watching with your friends. You’ll laugh for hours and be bonded by the hilarious memories you form together when doing so. And those are our recommendations for television genres to watch with your friends. It’s strange how a relatively anti-social exercise can become a focal point of conversations and help you create memories with your loved ones that last forever.

5. Historical TV Shows


History is something that constantly calls us to back and study it. So, it is no surprise that historical tv shows are among the most popular ones. They help us take a totally new perspective on the time that is long behind us. Even though a high majority of them are only based on real events, that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn something from them and being entertained at the same time. We had the example of Rome, which is now considered to be one of the classic shows of the 2000s. After this one, we have Spartacus which was definitely one of the most popular shows during its broadcasting. Last but not least, we would like to point out one of the best historical tv shows in our opinion The Tudors, a show that shines a whole new light on medieval England.

6. Western TV Shows


When we think about western as a genre, we usually think about classic titles like For a Few Dollars More or something similar. When it comes to western tv shows, the first thing that comes to our mind is Deadwood. Even though many western tv shows have been released since this one is released after it, this one is still one of the most prominent ones.

At the same time, you can sure that this is a genre that evolved in the last couple of decades. We consider some of the classic western movies to be masterpieces, but let’s be honest, not all of the people appreciate them. Today, they resemble a perfect mix of the good old genre and some new elements that help the story to be more involving for the audience. If we would need to pick the best of the newer tv shows in the genre, we would say Hell on Wheels.

7. Drama TV Shows


Maybe it wouldn’t sound too exciting to have your friends over when you are watching some drama TV shows. However, this is definitely not the case most of the time. As you know, the drama is a pretty wide genre and it collides with a plethora of other genres. Most of the shows you have already seen can be described as drama tv shows.

However, you don’t recognize them as such because they are combined with some other genre that applies a whole new perspective to the story. But, what about plain old drama, maybe even based on a true story? This is definitely not something that could disappoint you in any way. You can try out Waco or American Crime Story. The latter presents a combination of a crime genre. However, both of them are based on a true story.

Last Thoughts

There is almost nothing as entertaining as binging a quality and entertaining tv show with your friends. We’ve provided you with some interesting genres of tv shows which can be used for narrowing the titles you would like to watch. At the same time, we enlisted some shows under these genres that will provide you with a better insight into shows that you will consider watching most definitely.