Is Dak Prescott Really Better Than Colin Kaepernick?


There is no doubt that Colin Kaepernick is good enough to be a starter for a lot of NFL teams right now. The reason that Kaep is not on the NFL squad is the fact that teams think that he is not worth the trouble. If someone signs him, the media will be all over that as he has been the one who started all that kneeling while the National anthem is being played.

But, today, we are here to take a look at the raw skill between two signal callers. Dak Prescott and Colin Kaepernick have pretty similar skill sets as they are mobile quarterbacks that can make plays both with their legs and their arm. Both of these guys are good enough to lead their team to the Playoffs while not having to carry the team that they are playing for on their back.


The major difference between these two is the fact that Dallas Cowboys has a much better offensive line and the weapons in Big D are also better. Prescott might be the one to make better decisions as he really doesn’t make many mistakes. Dallas’ offense was created around their offensive line, so Prescott actually doesn’t have to take any risks during the games.

Besides that, there aren’t many differences between the two. Kaep can run just as well as Prescott can, he can read the defense and make the right call on whether or not he should pass it or run it. Both arms are good, not great. Colin probably has a stronger arm while Prescott has a faster arm. All in all, they are pretty similar players, at least when looking at their performance before this 2017 NFL season.