Is Roomba Vacuum Cleaner the Best for Carpets?

Roomba is an automatic robotic vacuum prepared and sold by iRobot. There are various sensors in a cleaner to make it able to navigate through the house. The features are endless, and the company has different variants, each one for a specific need. While you are at home and do not want to go on a cleaning spree, you can take the help of robot vacuum, and it will work by itself, detecting dirty spots on the floor and mopping them efficiently.  

Model sizes vary from 400 to 900 series, every series have distinctive features and are specialized for specific tasks. You can buy a Roomba specifically for your needs. Some standard features in all the variants are tangle free brush, separate sweep canister, obstacle avoidance and performance maps. You can also customize the features of Roomba and get the cleaner best suited for your needs. Some of the gadgets even contains a camera so that they can be able to map the area for future purposes.


The models are all disc-shaped, there is a contact sensing mechanical bumper attached to its upper half which makes it easy to navigate around the house without bumping into things quickly. Till now there have been more than seven generations of room units, all are advanced and having distinctive features. 

  • VACUUM: the feature of vacuum is common in all the cleaners. It navigates itself on its own and vacuums the whole place.
  • MOP: not all vacuum cleaners have these features, but there are some automatic cleaners from some companies who provide this feature, but this is not very successful.
  • SIDE BRUSH: this feature helps in cleaning the surrounding area for a Roomba cleaner, while it is navigating there can be places where it can’t reach, so the side brushes help in the cleaning of that area.
  • SELF CHARGING: there is a variant of Roomba vacuum cleaner which takes care of itself, when it senses that its power is going down, it goes to the charging spot and charges itself.


A Roomba robotic vacuum works mainly on its own, sensors and mapping makes it possible for it to clean the area without bumping into things and leaving a stain behind.

  • TIME-SAVING: The use of a robot vacuum saves a lot of your time which you will have to spend cleaning. And in the saved time you can spend time on more productive tasks.
  • USEFUL FOR PEOPLE WITH HEALTH AND MOBILITY ISSUE: people who have some disability and are not able to move can benefit a lot from the vacuum. You can program the machine to clean as often as you want and then let it do its work.
  • DETECTION OF SURFACE TYPES: while roaming in the house, Roomba can detect various surfaces and remember their types, so that it will be able to clean them better and remember their location.
  • VIRTUAL WALL: you can create virtual walls for cleaner so that it will not be able to go out of its boundaries. You may not want it to enter the bathrooms or the areas in the bedroom so that you can program it, and it will not come to the place.


After going over the features and utility of different vacuum, Roomba i7 Robot Vacuum comes out to be the best vacuum for the carpets. While it is efficient in cleaning and moving over the carpets, it also has the best record in cleaning smudges from the surface of a carpet. There is also the Roomba i&+ with clean base automatic dirt disposal, which has all the features of the Roomba iRobot Vacuum and additionally has automatic dirt disposal so that you will not have to worry about it and it can work for days on its own. Today, the only worthy competitor for Roomba i7 is model Deebot ozmo 930. Which makes the choice between Roomba or Deebot not easy, more information you can find in And if you are in love with Roomba and think this might be the better choice, you can always learn more here


It can be said that you can find the right vacuum for your specific purpose and you can also customize your robot vacuum as per your needs. While having a Roomba is a boon for you, all-time cleanliness and not being worried if something has spilled are two of the main reasons for getting an automatic vacuum. You will need to explore the market before you buy one, but once you have found the perfect piece for you, life becomes very easy.