Choose Comparium for Cross Browser Testing on Popular Platforms

It is important for a person to test his website before launching it officially for use in the market. If you do not test your website, you will not be able to find any visual bugs and glitches. In that case, your website will have a lot of issues for the users. For that reason, it is important to use a cross-browser testing tool to test how your website works on different browsers with different versions. This tool helps the website developer to make his website smooth by fixing the bugs if any.

One such cross-browser website testing platform is Comparium which will launch its first version at the end of the year. Since it’s only the first version, you will get Comparium for free and has all the basic features for testing your website. More features will be added in future versions.

Why Should You Go For Comparium?

Since there are a lot of website testers available, you must have a good reason to choose a newer tool to test your website. Here, we will tell you the reasons why you must go for Comparium to test your website. The reasons are:

1. Supports Different Web Browsers And Different Platform

With the help of Comparium, you can easily test how your website works on multiple platforms. With this, you can check the working of your website on different browsers and their different versions. You can also see how they work on different operating systems. Browsers and the versions supported are:

  • Google Chrome 73.0, 74.0, 75.0
  • Safari 11.0
  • Mozilla Firefox 67.0 and 68.0
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 and 11.0

The Operating Systems supported are:

  • Mac OS X Mojave
  • Windows 10 and 7
  • High Sierra
  • Linux

2. Get The Results On Your Email

Comparium also emails the results to you after you submit your email address. Comparium asks you to submit the URL of the website you wish to check and once the results are out, Comparium will send a screenshot of the results to the email address that you provided. Thus, to test your website’s results, the only work you need to do is to provide your email ID and enter the URL of the website to be tested. Other things will automatically be done by Comparium.

3. Save Time With Comparium

With Comparium’s services, you can save your time because instead of checking everything yourself on different browsers at different times, you can now leave your testing to Comparium. The test results will be out in a few minutes and the test results will show the working of your website on multiple browsers and on multiple operating systems. You will get the screenshots of your tests right there and then. Thus, Comparium helps you in saving your precious time.

Comparium And Its Other Versions

As we have mentioned above, the first version of the Comparium tool will be launched at the end of this year and this version comes absolutely free of cost for the users. The features offered by Comparium are appealing to the web developers because of which the number of users will be increasing with the versions launched. In the first version, you will not find many standout features. However, with time and future versions, you are definitely getting your money’s worth. Even though the first version comes free of cost, you still need to purchase some additional features of this tool. As this tool is still in its developing stage, you will find the latest technology used and the developers will not charge anything extra. It is always a plus point to test your website and work on the bugs if any. Therefore, you must try Comparium upon its release especially because it is free of cost.