Why is English Premier League the Best Competition in Europe and the Most Passionate to Watch?


A little over a month ago, the Premier League began. And together with it, it comes again the feeling that the English competition is well ahead of other European leagues such as La Liga, Bundesliga or Serie A. Let’s see what are the reasons why the English Premier League is the best football competition in Europe and the most passionate stuff to watch on TV.


What sets the EPL apart is the hot competition for the EPL title. Only England has four top clubs challenging for the title on a regular basis. There’s nowhere else in the world that happens from season to season. In most European leagues, the title is often a matter of interest for two rival clubs, or sometimes three. This is often a budget issue, since in most european competitions there are always one or two clubs who get almost all the broadcast rights’ money -the clubs with most coverage-, so they can sign better players and get better results than the rest of the teams in the competition. This happens in La Liga with Real Madrid and Barcelona (and lately Atlético de Madrid) or in Bundesliga with Bayern Munchën and Borussia Dortmund, who are always contenders in the final battle for the title -while it is weird to see other teams winning the championship. In fact, those clubs are the ones who have won the League in their countries in the last 10 years.

But in the EPL the difference among clubs is not that huge. All teams have more money on average than their european peers as a consequence of selling a well-organised, promoted and attractive product. The income from the overseas broadcast rights are enormous, but what’s special about the premier league is that they are distributed collectively amongst the 20 clubs. Thus, most teams can afford good players, and almost in every Premier team there is at least one contrasted star.


For this reason, the competition is very even and there are often six clubs who could realistically be crowned champions every year: Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United. And don’t forget about the element of surprise: once in a while, EPL’s magical unpredictability shocks us with an unexpected champion such as Leicester in 2015. It is impossible to find this level of top competition anywhere other than the EPL, and you can make it even more exciting in ladpromocode.co.uk trying to guess who will win. 

Which also makes the EPL very compelling is the mix of various styles of games. From the hard running, disciplined teams that play long ball, like Stoke City, to the powerful attacking play of both Manchester United and Manchester City, the short, quick passing game of Arsenal or the defensive organisation and counter-attacking style of Chelsea, every game is passionate, unique and very competitive.

The only thing we could do to make the EPL even better is to open the doors for women’s football and let their passion and hard-work complete the circle of diversity. Read more about Women’s Super League in this The Guardian article.

Besides hot competition, the English Premier League also has the best organisation. The teams know all the schedules of all games -until the last day of the championship which is next summer right since the very beginning of the season, while in other countries like Spain this doesn’t happen and the times and dates of the matches are released only a few weeks before they happen. Knowing the game dates ahead is very useful not only for the trips but also for the fans, who can schedule trips in advance in order to go watch their teams play in other stadiums.

Because that’s another reason which makes the EPL special: the competitions’ design and management is absolutely fan-aimed. Fans, especially the ones who go to the stadiums, are the club’s priority and they don’t  hesitate to delay the start of match if there is traffic or weather problems that prevent the public from reaching their seats on time.

English Premier League is also big on traditions and they take good care of their legends, which helps the fans to reinforce the feelings of greatness and belonging of the fans. Around all England you see respect for the traditions and history of each club. such as tributes to ex-players, boxing day, football programmes, or statues of legends on the doors of the stadiums. 


Where the EPL scores highest is on pure atmosphere and tension on the field. The anticipation, energy, and colour created by knowledgeable fans are second to none. The noise created by the home fans when their team is winning is beyond belief! All the stadiums are full every other week of the season and generate amazing energy. Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium holds 75,000 spectators, Arsenal’s Emirates 60,000 supporters and Liverpool’s Anfield 54,000 fans… Who hasn’t had goosebumps listening to the You’ll never walk alone chant before the match? It’s just plain magic. In fact, the whole EPL is.