Jason Garrett is Staying, Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Open for Other Coaching Changes

Source: bleacherreport.com

The Dallas Cowboys team has the record of 8-7 this year, and they will not be in the playoffs. In order to change this for the better, they will have to mix things up. This season has been emotional for the Cowboys as we have watched them lose by blowouts, win close games, lose matches they should have won, etc.

Although Elliott returned for the game against the Seattle Seahawks, the Cowboys didn’t utilize him in the best way. In the first period, Elliott ran for 51 yards on eleven carries, but he had just 13 carries in the next three quarters combined for 46 yards. For some reason, the Cowboys relied on their passing game, resulting in two interceptions by Dak Prescott and one fumble by Dez Bryant.

Source: sportsday.dallasnews.com

However, players are not to blame here, and it was obviously Scott Linehan who decided to abandon something that was working. The Cowboys struggled in the third quarter once again, and the defense spent a lot of time on the field. And while they were giving their best to prevent Seattle from scoring, it was Linehan who made awful decisions on the offensive end, and it is no wonder why Dallas lost the game.

On the other hand, Rod Marinelli managed to improve his defensive squad, and we can see players such as Taco Charlton progressing. In the last few weeks, we have seen what this defense will be capable of doing in the future, plus DeMarcus Lawrence has matured into a sack machine. We believe Marinelli’s seat is safe, but Linehan and some positional coaches will have to worry about their spot among the staff.

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