Top 10 WWE Stars That Had Most Matches In 2017

11Neverending WWE Season

We can watch biggest wrestling company on television for 52 weeks every year, and most stars are present on each and every show. On top of that, we have wrestlers that perform more than once during a week. It is not uncommon to see some of the most important faces showing almost every day at various events. As a result, they can have a crazy number of matches during the season.

It can also happen that there is more than one match per day, and just recently, we saw Sheamus sharing on his twitter account that he and his partner Cesaro had a total of eight shows in only seven days. That is insane, these guys are like machines, top performance on each of those events and they still have enough fuel to go further. We are delivering the list of the stars on WWE roster that were most active in 2017.