How do you keep Necklaces from Tangling when Storing

We all love good jewelry because it can complement any outfit and elevate it to some whole new level. Sometimes just a pair of pearl earrings and a simple necklace are enough to transform a casual combination into an elegant one. However, when it comes to maintaining and storing jewelry, the story is not so optimistic. We all know that when we store multiple necklaces in one place, they often get tangled and create a mess. And not only does this not look nice, but it also takes a lot of time to get everything back to its original state. If this is your life story, we have some great information for you. Below you can read more about how to keep your necklaces from tangling when storing.

1. Necklace stand

Buying or making a necklace stand is probably one of the best ways to store your jewelry. Why? Because all the necklaces are arranged individually and placed so that there is not the slightest possibility of tangling. Another advantage is that this way your jewelry will be neat and tidy, so you can easily decide which piece you want to combine with your current clothing combination when you are in a hurry. You can buy necklace stands in a large number of shops, but if you are creative and enjoy DIY projects, you can make them yourself from wood (which will serve as a stand) and copper (the part where the necklace will hang).

2. Toilet paper rolls… why not?

The next idea for storing necklaces is very interesting because it involves the use of toilet paper rolls. Yes, you heard right: a roll that represents a base of toilet paper can be very useful if you want to prevent your pieces of jewelry from tangling. How to use these rolls? By removing all the paper from them, then unclasping the necklace, sliding one end through the roll and clasping it on the outside. The practical thing is that you can use one roll for several pieces of jewelry, but that definitely increases the chance of them getting tangled, so keep this in mind. If this idea sounds unattractive to you, be aware that you can decorate toilet rolls so that they look very nice and tidy. If you do it right they will serve their purpose and no one will ever know what you made a necklace holder out of. Of course, unless you decide to reveal it to them yourself.

3. Jewelry ceramic tray


One of the main reasons why tangling jewelry occurs is because you keep too many pieces in one place. Therefore, one of the best ways to prevent this is to store jewelry so that each piece has enough space. According to, using a jewelry ceramic tray is a very nice and practical way to raise the organization of your jewelry to a higher level. Not only will your jewelry be neat, but this tray will also be a nice aesthetic addition to your room or walk in closet. You can use this organizer for necklaces, but also for earrings, bracelets and other pieces of jewelry that you often wear and enjoy them.

4. Sandwich bags are always a way to go

Did you know that sandwich bags are not only good for packing snacks, but can be a great little jewelry storage? Place your necklaces in sandwich bags when you are packing for a trip, or if this way of organizing suits you at home you can use it for all of your jewelry. This can also be a very practical choice if you have a lot of necklaces that you do not wear often, but only for special occasions, so you want them to be neatly and safely stored in the meantime. For extra protection, wrap the jewelry in a tissue before putting it in the sandwich bag to achieve an additional tangling-free layer of security.

5. Use small plastic hangers

We all have little plastic hangers somewhere in the house. They are most often used for hanging bathing suits or some other small pieces of clothing. Why not grab these plastic hangers and string your necklaces on them? This is a very practical way to organize a large number of pieces of jewelry at once and keep them neat and tidy. Put them in a closet or in a jewelry suitcase and you don’t have to worry about tangling them ever again!

6. Jewelry roll

In addition to toilet paper rolls for jewelry organizations, there are also… jewelry rolls! Logical, right? Jewelry rolls are a very practical solution for storing jewelry while traveling, as they keep a large number of pieces of jewelry nicely organized in one place. And not only are they useful, but you can find really beautiful options that will make the organization of your jewelry very luxurious and elegant. As part of jewelry rolls, there are usually a number of compartments in which you can put your jewelry and arrange it in sections as you find suitable. This doesn’t have to be just an alternative for traveling, but also a way to prevent jewelry that you often wear from tangling. Much better than putting all the necklaces in one bowl, right?

7. Hobby box for your everyday jewelry

Do you like to wear a few pieces of jewelry all the time, but also to take them off and put them away at the end of each day? In such situations, it is very convenient to have a small hobby box that you will keep next to the bed and in which you will simply put your jewelry before going to sleep. And then put it back in the morning. These boxes come with a large number of sections that will make it easier for you to organize your jewelry, but also prevent them from tangling and you to get tired of untangling your necklaces every morning.

Conclusion: We all love to wear jewelry, but no one likes tangled necklaces that look messy in a jewelry box. That is why it is necessary to find a way to organize jewelry that will keep it tidy, but also look beautiful. Choose one of our options and you will surely be delighted with how much easier your life is with jewelry that is optimally organized.