Kevin Smith says Ben Affleck’s Batman is Better that Michael Keaton’s

Many actors have been in a role of Batman during the history and everybody has their favorite. Some might prefer Adam West from 1960s TV series, whereas some would give an advantage to Kevin Conroy’s Batman from “Batman: The Animated Series“. Kevin Smith compared Michael Keaton’s to Ben Affleck’s version of Batman and he believes that Ben Affleck is better in that role.

At New York City Comic-Con he explained:” Ben Affleck rules as the Batman. The brilliance of Zack Snyder said, let’s make him look and move like the video game Batman. I mean it used to be Michael Keaton and Mr. Mom doesn’t hit too hard, but Ben comes in and blows up 12 people just coming in the door.

Ben Affleck appeared in a role of Batman in a blockbuster “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” which received a lot of criticism. Although the movie may not be the best of all times, many people praised Batman, who had protected Gotham City for 20 years at the star of the movie. The 46-year-old actor also likes this Batman and the speed and intensity of the character are what made him prefer Ben Affleck.

However, let us give Michael Keaton some credit. He filmed in the late 1980s, which means that the costume was much harder to create. The costume looked great, by the way, but Michael Keaton couldn’t be that mobile in it. There is no doubt that Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne was extraordinary, though. Nowadays it is just easier to make a costume of better quality.

Let’s add another Batman to the comparison. Christian Bale’s character also had issues while moving, although the suit allowed him to turn his head. Fortunately, we are witnessing advances in CGI and hopefully, Batman will look completely like his comic book counterpart soon.

Justice League, in which Ben Affleck’s Batman appears, will be shown on November 17, 2017.