Logitech International SA (USA) (NASDAQ:LOGI) Talks Connected Smart homes

For netizens who dream of connectivity in homes, Logitech International SA (USA) (NASDAQ:LOGI) had some interesting stories to tell at CES 2015. Smarthomes or connected homes are no longer new science horizons for celebrities, technologists and CEOs are already living such exotic dreams, in multibillion dollar, secured connected homes!

Logitech’s idea is to have an interface for developers to help ‘synchronize’ over 270,000 smart devices, converting homes into ‘smarthomes’. Logitech International will deliver this last-mile connectivity for your home with its all new API named Harmony.

It will allow your devices to apparently talk to each other: If you switch on your smart TV, such as an Apple TV or a Samsung flatscreen, then living room smartbulbs such as Philips Hue would automatically lower luminous throw, allowing a more viewable environment without your intervention.

Logitech claims its Harmony API is the first of its programmable tools for developers.

Thus far a universal platform allowing synchronization of all connected home devices has not been possible because, of the wide-ranging metadata as well as protocols. Apparently, Harmony API has resolved these issues, finally giving developers a much needed blanket platform that allows them the bandwidth to bring together unrelated devices within the home environment.

Harmony API uses IFTT as well as SmartThings apart from a long list of other developer tool kits as well. It pieces together technologies ensuring seamless connectivity and compatible ‘sensing’ of other home devices status and synchronization.

Harmony API is ambitious in the roadmap it has drawn up. It yet needs to be seen if the API is robust enough for developers to explore within the platform standards for multiple home devices connectivity, and interdependence.

It is expected that as mature versions of the API begin to appear, the day may not be too far, when low cost connectivity features for homes of the common man too are as easily available!

Logictech International’s Harmony API appears to be just the tip of the iceberg!