When RadioShack Corporation (NYSE:RSH) is no more!

For those of us growing-up with RadioShack Corporation (NYSE:RSH), the familiar corner store for electronic supplies and best deals, the slow death of the retailer is the end of many things. As it becomes imminent that RadioShack will file for bankruptcy latest by next month, the significance of the move is not lost. At the heart of the issue is RadioShack’s continued dismal sales performance quarter-after-quarter despite funds injection.

Unconfirmed news by industry experts indicate that Radioshack is currently in advanced stages of private talks with a wealthy private-equity firm. It could be that the firm may purchase Radioshack’s assets allowing the company to defer the likely bankruptcy clause.

If talks fail, other avenues such as debts restructuring are also open to the retailer, opine experts. It is likely that there may emerge alternative which does not include a sale either. It has already begun to reach out to lenders who could turn into stakeholders or offer loans. The loan could be used to cover operations during the phase of the bankruptcy as well.

As RadioShack loses out on the revenue generation front, in consecutive quarters the filing for bankruptcy looms large. The latest quarter declared this fiscal, the third quarter reported higher than the expected losses.

Funds injected by lenders Salus Capital Partners to the tune of $500 million were on the basis of a lender who will eventually possess the company, as much of the funds came in during the period of the bankruptcy itself.

At the end of Tuesday’s trading session, the share prices has fallen by over 60%. The prices are expected to fall further as bankruptcy filing appears to be the likely choice for RadioShack at this point!