Mafia III Breaks Record In Sales

The Mafia III was released last month and in the first week, it was sold in 4.5 million copies. This is definitely an amazing achievement by the 2K Games and they have every reason to celebrate.

The number of sales proves that this game is well received among gamers around the world. The storyline is evolving around Lincoln Clay who is seeking revenge against Mafia Boss Sal Marcano. He has a good reason, considering that Sal Marcano killed Clay’s adoptive family.

This famous game broke the record previously set by “BioShock” and “Borderlands 2“, but the 2K Games CEO Strauss Zelnick is not completely pleased with the result. He said: “The scores were lower than we would have liked. But there are a lot of stellar reviews.”

Let’s see some of the not so great reviews. First of all, EuroGamer claims that the game has no class to become legendary, but overall it is unique and very cleverly designed. GameSpot, on the other hand, believes that the gameplay is repetitive and it rated the game with six stars out of ten. The average rating is not as high as expected and Strauss accepts the critiques of gamers.

Be that as it may, this is an enormous success and the remastered version for Mafia III may be released in the future, but we will not talk about it now. We can only congratulate the company on record-breaking sales.