How to Make a Business Sign More Noticeable – 2024 Guide


Developing your brand means that you know how to attract customers from everywhere and at any time. We are used to doing everything on social media nowadays that we tend to forget how big of difference other types of advertising can me. In this 2024 guide, we are going to talk about the impact that brand signs have on our customers and overall strategy, and we will tell you how to make a business sign more noticeable. Keep on reading to find out how you can increase your profits just by getting this thing done.

Don’t make the copy too long or complicated to read


The first thing we are going to talk about is the copy of your sign. If you want to be memorable and if you want people to recognize your business, then you need to find a slogan that will be easy to read and remember. You need to opt for something catchy and know that this does not always have to be a sentence.

You can choose even just one word that will promote calls to action, or you can opt for a unique and creative image. If you choose to go with a full slogan, make it short, and make it easy to read. Combine this with the right font, and you will be one step closer to making more profits and getting many new customers.

Choose high-quality pieces

Quality can be seen no matter where it is, and if you invest in signage that is durable, visible, with the right colors and fonts, your sign is more than likely to attract the people that you are targeting. If you don’t choose good pieces, the colors will fade pretty soon, the sign will not stand the test of time, and within just a few weeks or months, people will start noticing it for all the wrong reasons.

As suggested by experts, if this is your first time creating this type of campaign, it is better to collaborate with professionals that will help you not only with the product itself, but also with the design, the manufacturing process, and even with choosing the right type of material for your signage.

Make sure you place your sign at a visible place


This is one of the biggest things that will either get people to see what you promote or them not even know that your brand exists. You need to find a place where people that you have targeted will see, and you should also think if your users are more likely to be in their vehicles when they pass by it, or if they will be walking.

Choose a high-traffic area, so that you can target hundreds, if not thousands of individuals at the same time. Know that this will require a bigger investment, but it is better to do this as it should be done than to waste money on a copy that will be to no avail.

Understand the difference the fonts make

There are dozens of popular fonts nowadays, and if you see all the options that you have, you will learn that there are thousands of different typefaces that you can choose from. The fonts will make the difference between the copy being noticeable and readable, and your potential customers being confused by what you wanted to portray.

We’ve all witnessed those terrible choices that some brands made, and we all remember them for all the wrong reasons. If you need help choosing the right print for your signage, you can always collaborate with a good service, like ERB Signs that will help you choose the best type, style, and look for your brand.

The colors play a huge role

The colors that you choose for these signages are going to play the biggest role in the fact if people notice your sign or if they just pass by it daily and never pay attention to it. Remember that you need to find the best combination between them see what you want, and respond to it in the way that you want. Sometimes we can get noticed, but that can be for all the wrong reasons, and you should try to avoid this at all costs.

Know that you need to find a good contrast as well so that the words you have written are easily readable by everyone, no matter the distance. If you are exploring more than three colors, make sure they go well together so that you don’t confuse everyone who looks at it.

Be noticeable and memorable

When choosing the copy and the graphics for your signage, you need to find a way to be noticeable, and for a way that will help everyone who interacts with your sign to remember you. You can do this by implementing something that no one else has, or you can play around with colors, designs, images, other types of multimedia, and of course, words.

The best way to do this is to A-B test. Conduct surveys, talk to your friends, employees, and even random people, and see how they react to your sign and to your slogan. See if there is anything missing, and make sure that the people who see it don’t forget it as soon as they turn around. Find a way to make an impression and know that when you do this, your brand will be remembered.

Don’t forget about illumination

The last thing that can help you get this project done is to think about the lights surrounding your display or signage. You need to make sure that everyone can read your copy and that people can notice it no matter if it is in the middle of the day, or at night. If you are using digital displays, then this is already done for you, but if you have chosen more traditional ways, then you need to consider the illumination.

When testing the colors and the fonts you need to see how they look under different lights, and you need to check if they can be properly read when there is sunlight coming directly at them, and when there is backlight as well. Make sure you understand the different types of illumination that you can utilize, and test several things out before you make the final decision on this project.