The Stigma Around Male Sex Toys: Why Is It Still a Taboo?

There is nothing wrong with exploring your sexuality, but since sex, in general, is a subject that many are not fond of talking about, it’s nothing unusual that sex toys are still taboo. On the other hand, sex toys for women are something that we don’t look at as something unusual, but when it comes to sex toys for men, well, it’s an entirely different story, and here is why that’s the case.

The influence of television

Many popular TV series showed women using these toys, which was pretty unusual at first but helped a lot in breaking the taboo around it. Since it was normal to see them on television, many women became braver and decided to try them and achieve a different level of self-pleasure. It started a real revolution, and they took advantage of sex toys being shown on television to include using them in their daily routine without facing strange looks and negative comments when speaking about it. Unfortunately, male sex toys are still not so popular in TV shows, and even if we can find them in some of them, they are usually shown in a wrong and humorous context, which only adds to the wrong opinion about them, instead of breaking a taboo. Of course, trends are changing all the time, but we are yet to expect huge changes regarding male sex toys, as people still need to explore all the options and their sexuality, and TV shows can be of much help here.

The lack of communication

In order to solve any problem, we first must agree that there is a problem, as once we become conscious about what’s needed, we can say that we are fully aware of our sexuality and what pleases us. Now, sex has always been looked upon as a taboo topic, even though it’s a basic human need and even a necessity, and all that controversy and stigma don’t help our society. Besides that, adding a sex toy into your life might even seem way too bold a move, which shouldn’t be the case. Understandably, reaching a mutual agreement over toys for adults before making any move is a must as you don’t want to surprise your significant other, but entirely avoiding this topic will lead you nowhere.

Yes, sometimes men want to add some toy to their relationship to spice up their love life, but if they do not have an open conversation with their partner, it can lead to a real disaster. Although it is not a sex toy fault, we need to mention it as one of the reasons for the stigma around them, which can easily be avoided. Namely, bad communication in a relationship always leads to many problems, and trying to add these toys into the relationship without discussion can lead to the wrong opinion that the relationship is not good enough.

Because of that, many people simply avoid sex toys instead of improving communication with their partners and trying to add them to their relationship. In essence, it’s always better to be upfront and open about cravings and desires, as it is the only way to be truly happy and to learn more about that other person. Of course, this rule should be applied to every other aspect of life, but when we talk about sex and things we prefer and would like to try in the bedroom, it gets even more important.

Wrong opinion about love skills

The first sex toy that crosses most peoples’ minds when someone mentions males who use them are sex dolls, which leads to many misconceptions. Namely, many people think that these dolls are reserved only for men who cannot find a girlfriend and try to find an alternative by buying a sex doll. That popular misconception leads to another one that says that the men who own them are not good lovers and are not able to find a real partner, which is, once again, only a misconception. A similar thing is with other toys because many people do not even try to learn more about them and instead simply reject them and put a label on men who use them or even talk about them.

Overall, just like with every other thing in life, the more you are open to exploring what you like and don’t like, the more self-aware you will get, which can only enrichen you as a human being. It’s needless to say that using sex toys can be of much help here, as these toys can add something new and better to your sex life. That is why there is no shame in admitting and being open about likes and dislikes in the bedroom, and, once again, all that is possible by having great communication with your significant other.

As for dolls for adults, luckily, there is nothing wrong with using them, as they can be a great tool to explore your sexuality and learn more about what you love. It is not something to be ashamed of because it has a lot of benefits for your mental and physical health. Of course, since there are many of them on the market, finding the best one can be more difficult than it looks, especially for first-time buyers, but this shouldn’t be that big of an issue. Namely, if you are one of them and searching for a high-quality sex doll, visit and choose from the vast offer.

The looks

Another thing we must highlight is the looks of these toys, as while on the one hand, we have much neater and more natural sex toys for women, those for men have much less natural looks, and some even look weird. Of course, this is regarding just the looks, and we all know that looks aren’t everything, as reaching climax is the goal, but when it’s about something that’s still taboo, like sex and toys for adults, looks play a huge role. Namely, even though that toys for men that mimic certain parts of the woman’s body will provide great pleasure, we must agree that their appearance is not something to brag about and that there is much more room for improvement. Now, manufacturers of these toys are well aware of this issue, and there are new toys that look much more natural and neater every year. All in all, for those entirely new to all this, probably the best choice is to go with sex dolls and then search and explore other options.