Marco Polo Season 3 – Release Date Delayed?


The first season of Marco Polo an intriguing and highly popular series, definitely left its numerous fans wondering what would happen next. However, it won’t be so soon that the audience will have the opportunity to find out what happens to Kublai Khan and what the future of the Yuan dynasty is. We still don’t know what the reason for Netflix not confirming the renewal of the show for the third season may be, but there surely are some. Perhaps they might postpone it due to the enormous cost of it which would have an impact on other shows that should be released during the next year.

As everyone is well aware of, Marco Polo is quite an expensive series to make. There are numerous locations where the show has to be filmed, such as Italy, Kazakhstan, and Malaysia, which all require huge sets in order to portray Kublai Khan’s great power and wealth. Nonetheless, The Weinstein Company and Netflix had no problems delivering the second season of the show, but they did take a long time to produce it. Therefore, Marco Polo Season 3 is possible to come out a bit later than expected.


This season is going to be another busy year for Netflix, mostly with the comeback of its greatest hits and new projects from Marvel, such as Stranger Things which has been confirmed for renewal. That is not all as there are some rumors that Marvel will deliver three new shows this year – The Defenders, The Punisher, and Iron Fist. While all these shows have been confirmed, there is still no official announcement for Marco Polo Season 3.

Maybe Netflix won’t announce the third season until its production starts. It might begin shooting this year and then come out in 2018. No one can say for certain, so we’re waiting for Netflix to give an official announcement.