Do you want to work for Novak Djokovic? The vacancies are available but the requirements are rigorous!

If not the favorite, Novak Djokovic is for certain one of the most favorite celebrities among the Serbs.

For that reason, many people would be delighted to work for one of the greatest athletes of all times.

Now you will be given that possibility! Well, not to work directly for Novak Djokovic, but for his Novak Djokovic Foundation which announced the vacancy to the position of manager of social networks.

The requirements that a candidate needs to fulfill:

– Knowledge and experience in the basics of traditional marketing
– University degree, preferably a degree in marketing, but not required next to working experience
– Creativity and documented work on social networks (Send links of sites as an example)
– Skills in the theory and application of marketing
– Experience in identifying and managing the development and publishing of content
– Shows the ability to transition from creative to analytical marketing, the ability to demonstrate that the proposed analytical ideas sound good
– Displays detailed knowledge of digital marketing tools and understanding of social media platforms and their participants
– (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.) and that each platform may be arranged in a variety of scenarios
– Has an excellent knowledge of English (refers to writing as well)
– Has a practical knowledge of blogging ecosystem
– Has the ability of efficiently transmitting information or ideas into written or video form
– Proper time management
– Very flexible and able to meet the obligations under pressure
– Has experience and ability to organize, upgrade and motivate others
– Team player with self-confidence to take on the role of a leader and lead the others when necessary (in the case of the content development, creativity, editing and managing reputation on the Internet)
– Has clearly understanding of technology and quickly learns new things
– Has a working knowledge of the principles of SEO including searches of keywords and reading the Google Analytics; Extensive knowledge of principles “Search and Social”
– Has practical knowledge of and/or work in WordPress
– It shows the best qualities in working with customers such as empathy, patience, advocacy and fast resolving of conflict
– Has great ability to recognize the negative or potential crisis situations and applies the principles of conflict resolution to alleviating the problem

The most essential obligations (The management of marketing on social networks and everyday activities):

– The development of relevant theme content for target audience
– Creating, taking care of and managing of the published content (photos, videos, and writing)
– Monitoring, listening and responding to a communication in the “way of social networks work” while developing leadership and encourage donations
– Conducting advocacy on the Internet and stream opening for the donor involvement
– The development and expansion of the community and/or influencing the promotion of further efforts
– Design monitoring (eg. Facebook Timeline covers, profile photos, pictures, ads, home pages, Twitter account, blog …)
– Design, creation, and management of promotional material and advertising campaigns on networks
– Management in representation building and online reputation; Monitoring the comments on the network and responding to each one of them
– Analyzing of key indicators and improving strategies if necessary
– The preparation of reports that show the results of management
– Representing the Foundation on social media platforms, involvement in dialogues and answering questions when appropriate
– Demonstration of the ability to map an extensive marketing plan; Working on strategies that have been a proven by testing or reports
– Developing organizational elements in order to apply them in the ongoing process of gathering happy and loyal followers and donors through online reputation
– Monitoring the latest trends in the development of tools, applications, channels, design and social media strategy
– The application of continuous training in a team in charge of communication in order to continue with making high scores
– Identifying the threats and opportunities of user-generated content surrounding the company; Reporting features and significant threat to the manager
– The analysis of the campaign and switching interesting or qualitative data into recommendations and planning for the revision of social media, content marketing, SEO and social marketing campaigns
– Monitoring of the most effective parameters (best experiences) for measuring the impact of social advertising campaigns
– Analyzing, reviewing and reporting efficiency in order to reach maximum results
– Leadership, commitment and development of small communications team

If you feel that you meet and can fulfill all these requests HERE you can apply to this contest that lasts until the 5 April 2017.