How Can Custom Mobile App Development Boost Your Business?

Over the past 5 years, the digital market has seriously changed. And these changes have not bypassed the Custom Web & Mobile Apps Creation. Let’s check it. “Living in the modern world without a smartphone is difficult,” many will say. However, this is impossible. More than 5 billion people use mobile devices every day. This is due to the fact that today you can find almost everything in a smartphone. According to the latest research, we spend about 90% of the time on the phone in mobile applications.

But is a mobile application really necessary for any business and is it worth investing in its development?

A mobile application is a program specially designed for mobile devices for a particular task. Applications have different goals: stores, services, online assistants, and so on. Applications can be pre-installed on the phone, downloaded as apk files or in marketplaces. The most famous marketplaces today for Custom Web & Mobile Apps Creation are AppStore and Google Play. Applications are created for a specific operating system: IOS, Android, Windows phone and others.

Today, there are more than 5 billion smartphone users in the world, and every year the number of mobile gadgets is only increasing.

Why are mobile apps needed?

Here are some of the goals that can be achieved with the mobile app.

Strengthen customer relationships

With the help of the mobile application, you will establish close contact with your customers. They will no longer need to remember the address of your site or access search engines, because the application will already be installed on the phone. To enhance customer loyalty, applications use different functionality: this is a simplification of the procedure for ordering or receiving consultations, and standard methods, for example, discounts or bonuses for using the application. The mobile application will help you not only in additional audience coverage, but also contribute to the creation of an effective marketing strategy.

Image advantage

There are industries in which the presence of a mobile application has already become a prerequisite. For example, today it is difficult to imagine a bank that does not have an application. A company that follows modern trends is always one step closer to its customers.

Sales increase

Launching a mobile app can help attract new customers and keep old ones. The pandemic gave impetus to the development of online stores, delivery services, online education and other online services, without which we can no longer imagine our lives. People no longer want to spend time shopping, because this can be done remotely using the application. Most customers prefer buying via telephones because it is much easier. You can buy a laptop, groceries for the week or order a bouquet of flowers while standing in a traffic jam or during your lunch break. The modern user values his time and energy. If something can be done in 2 clicks, from the phone, most customers will prefer this way. Especially if you remind them about your business with a push notification with information about promotions, discounts, new collections or selections of relevant products. To automate your push notification campaigns, you can use different mobile marketing automation tools like Reteno.

Improved personalization

Individual communication with the client is one of the main advantages of the mobile application. Personalization is aimed at offering the consumer a product that takes into account interests, habits, outgoing requests when you need it, and not waiting until the client enters the site. Steve Jobs once said, “Be closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need long before they know it themselves.” This philosophy underscores the importance of app design services as the key to success in any business is understanding your customers plus modern tools.

Access to customer demographics

A mobile application is a convenient way to collect customer information. At the registration stage, you can find out: gender, age, date of birth, cat’s name, and so on. How to use this information further your marketers already know.

What business needs a mobile app?

Mobile applications are needed by many businesses today. The main criterion for evaluating the need for such a tool is the model by which you interact with your customers. Evaluate: how often customers make repeated purchases from you, through what channels they make them, how sensitive customers are to promotions and discounts, how your product / service is used – online or offline. Study what your competitors have already done, use their experience and best practices. So you can understand whether your business needs a mobile application, or maybe it is worth directing this budget to product development, for example.

Below are the industries whose representatives should first of all think about the development of a mobile application:

– beauty industry;

– auto business;

– the medicine;

– chain grocery stores / delivery services;

– fitness and beauty;

– any enterprise operating in the service sector in the market;

– bank/investments;

– online education;

– travel and tourism;

– retail and e-commerce;

– media and entertainment.

What is the main purpose of a mobile app for my business?

If the answer to this question is: I want to share news about the life of the company, but at the same time your field is highly specialized and the customer segment is very small (for example, you make albums for numismatists or packaging tubes), then you should think again. It might be a waste of time and money.

Do clients use my business regularly?

If 80% of your customers are first-time contacts, app development is unlikely to be a cost-effective solution. For example, refueling and recharging of fire extinguishers is required approximately once a year. Accordingly, even a regular customer will not need your services often. This also applies to the mobile app.


A mobile application is a modern and functional tool that can give a significant impetus to business development, increase sales and strengthen relationships with customers. And yet, this is not a magic pill, not every company will benefit from it. If you take on the development without analyzing the specifics of the business and the needs of the audience, there is a risk of wasting time and money. In order to make the right decision, contact Garpix managers, our employees will answer all your questions, advise on suitable technologies and guide you on the timing and cost of the project!