How is Modern Technology Changing the Gambling Industry?

Gambling has been a part of human history and very popular on all levels of organization and wealth of the population. As a well-known and favorite pass time for many people, this industry has had to be up to date and get the upper hand every time this was possible. It is evident that the gambling industry did follow technological advancements and developed and evolved as time has passed by. This possibility to evolve and follow the advancements has made it one of the most successful and prominent industries in the world. There are a few things that have led to changes and we will present a few.

  1. Availability

The improvement of the technology, especially the internet and programming gambling has started to become available to all, in every moment, on every part of the planet. The internet has been an excellent vessel to expand to a broader spectrum of audiences. Not only this, but the possibility of being able to access your favorite game anytime and anywhere has been incredibly appealing to the users, making this feature one of the most important that resulted from the expansion of the internet.

Development of PHP and HTML has given the chance for gambling to jump on to the online ride and get their products and services available for the users online. The first platforms were supported by computers and browsers such as internet explorer and Firefox, as well as google chrome after it was released. Innovations in this field have led to the development and constant improvement of the platforms on which people can place their bets and play their favorite casino games.

In addition to this, increase and the development of programming has led to an increase in the apps and different platforms for betting games. This is very important, since programing has been given a solid chance for development of new and improved apps that can be used in mentioned purposes. It is evident that the development of iOS and Android platforms has given an opportunity for the gambling industry to check out this field and propose apps for their users on these platforms instead of just through the browsers. As we are witnessing updates of both Android and iOS as operating systems that can be found on the smartphones, apps that are providing betting experience are evolving and follow very closely all the advancements in order to give the best possible experience for their user.

  1. Variety

In the beginning the number of games and options available for the users that are found of this type of experience was very low. But, as there were the change and sophistication in the programming options and skills of the ones doing it, as well as in the technological advances and hardware to support the expansion we have witnessed the increase in the variety of the games available to the users. This means that there were multiple increases in the variety, and it did not stop there. Nowadays, there are more than a thousand different slot games with different backgrounds and themes in order to satisfy the desires of the users and this is one of the things this industry us is well known for. It was always very aware of what their customers want, and they have always tried to provide them with that, sooner, rather than later.

  1. Bonuses

One way to attract new users and make the existing ones hooked, if we can say that, is by giving bonuses. This is something that was pretty important to start with, and many users have stated that they do like the attention and the possibility of different bonuses that are provided to them. This could not be possible without the improvement in the technology and increase in the programming abilities. This has led to the development of tracking parts of the algorithm and allows the apps to follow the progress of the players and provide them with customized bonuses that are being calculated in accordance with their success. By doing so the industry has increased the number of loyalty of the users.

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  1. Safety

Last but not least is the safety of the personal data of the users. As the internet has expanded and developed the ways of data leakage was possible, additional safety measures needed to be developed in order to protect sensitive data users are leaving on websites and apps. This was important to be invested in, and the industry has put a lot of effort into making all the data very secure with different methods suggested by the experts. Honestly, there were so little security breaches in this industry and loss of both data and funds that it seems like they have been up to date with all security patches and even developed their own security protocols in order to protect the users.

The industry itself is as well secured by protocols of the countries they are in, and they need special licenses and permits to provide services, and this also increased the levels of available patches and protocols that are there to protect the leakage of sensitive data of users.

Hackers did try to penetrate apps and websites and the companies were very open about this, making sure that their users are well aware of the threat and how to protect themselves and their data as well. Due to the transparency, and the development of the different protocols that are following all technological advances this industry has led to the production of very safe environment for the users.


The gambling industry has developed hand in hand with the IT department. Development of HTML and PHP, as well as improvement in programming, led to the production of websites and apps that we’re able to provide users with online gambling a playing of the games that were exclusive for the walk-in casinos. Variety has increased, but so has and the level of safety of sensitive data of the ones using the services.