Planning a Move? The Most Common Jobs in Orange County, California


There has been a trend in recent years of people moving away from the coasts. Texas, Colorado, and other states have seen an influx of residents, and people from California and New York have relocated.

Yet California still holds a strong attraction to many. And in all of California, which area is more idyllic than Orange County? You can’t help but picture palm trees, sunshine, beaches, and a laid-back lifestyle.

It’s one of the most sought-after places in the world. It’s where a lot of people from around the country—the world even—come to do their best to be successful. People dream of making it big in Orange County.


But what does that mean? It’s all relative to a place where there is a lot of money to be made. What jobs are available here and which ones are common? Some occupations are more popular than others, and there is definitely a gap between the jobs that make people a lot of money and the positions that don’t.

However, Orange County has a range of employees, positions, and companies. There is no end to the variety of occupations and tiers within those positions. The sky’s the limit. With so many options, it is possible for anyone to find the position of their dreams. It is a place where, given the experience and education, you can be successful. Whether you are thinking about moving to Orange County or already living in the area, below are the most common jobs.



Between the tech companies and other businesses that require engineers, there are all kinds of different engineer positions in Orange County. Tesla, Google, and other large corporations have campuses in the area. Whether you are looking for a job in civil engineering, optical engineering, structural engineering, or something else, engineering jobs are plentiful.

There are so many engineers in Orange County. Whether you’re in Irvine, Newport Beach, or Santa Ana, there are plenty of engineers. Yet, there are still many engineering positions for the newcomer. Engineers are in high demand. There are still open roles that Californians and people from elsewhere can find. When you meet someone new in Orange County, there is a great chance that they are an engineer. Whether you are trying your best to make as much money as possible or want to be in a technical field, pursuing engineering can lead to both.

Finance and the Loan Business


Beyond New York and Chicago, Southern California is one of the largest financial centers in the country. Orange County is where people with money go to create their own world. The finance business in Orange County is plentiful, but so is the loan business.

The culture in many ways comes from the area. It’s famous for both successful and unsuccessful lending and finance ventures. It doesn’t matter what you are involved in or what you want to pursue in finance, Orange County has it all. Whether you are trying to get into the stock market, home loans, or business finance, you will be able to find a position in Orange County if you are qualified.



There are many schools in Orange County. There are good public and private schools. There are specialized schools, colleges, and universities too. When you are an educator, you might do well for yourself to relocate to the area. The University of California is one of the biggest players in the California economy. Teachers have unions and higher wages than much of the rest of the country. It is a better job in California, New York, and Massachusetts than it is in other states. If you are a teacher or another educational worker, you might do well to find a good job in Orange County.

There are all kinds of different positions in Orange County. Whether you are in the sciences, humanities, or technology, there is a job for you when you’re qualified. It has stiff competition when it comes to finding the right job, but if you have the experience and education needed, you will be in the position to find some great jobs. Of course, the county is saturated, but if you can stand out your wage will be a lot better. These are a few of the most common jobs, but there are many more.

However, they aren’t the only ones. When you have the education and experience to move to Orange County, it’s a great place to raise a family. It’s a sanitized place, but it gives you a chance to make some money and live a better life because of it. Orange County isn’t for everyone, but if you can enjoy it you should think about getting one of these jobs here.

Healthcare Professionals


FInally, Orange County is the land of people who want to look and feel their best. It should be no surprise that there are many doctors, dentists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in the area. Whether you’re a doctor, dentist, or another type of health professional, there are all kinds of different niches and specialties thriving in Orange County – you’re likely to find employment in your specific field.

How do you decide if your specialty is well-represented in Orange County and if you’ll be likely to find a job? Aside from the usual job boards, which can be difficult to navigate, it may help to do a simple internet search of existing practitioners in an area where you’d like to work. If you’re a dentist, hygienist, dental assistant, lab technician, or some other practitioner in that field, you can do a search for a dentist in Orange, CA, for example. Look at the list of dentist’s offices in that area; if there are many, your chances of finding a job will be higher. You should be able to get a realistic view of how many clinics and offices are in those areas. If you work in the dental field and there aren’t many dentist offices in a particular area, you might want to look elsewhere.

Having said all of that, Orange County is a thriving, vibrant part of the country and it offers plenty of job opportunities.