What to know about Moving Quotes in New Year


Moving can be stressful. It starts from finding a reliable moving company to setting valuation coverage. However, the essential part of moving is to get a perfect moving quote according to your budget. In this article, we will explain every aspect of the moving quote, and you can handle your budget correctly.

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Different Types of Moving Estimates


Hiring a mover can cost you a few hundred bucks to thousands of dollars. Cost depends on factors like which company you’re hiring, how far you’re relocating, and what kinds of services you receive.

You can get an idea about how much your move will cost from moving estimates. There are different kinds of moving estimates, here are the main three categories

Binding Estimates


Binding Estimates is a fixed-price service. So no matter how easier or more challenging the move might be, you have to pay the same amount you agreed. The main advantage is that you will pay the same amount even if your moving items weigh more than the estimated weight. But you have to fill all the things in the document perfectly. Otherwise, you may have to pay the extra fees.

Non-Binding Moving Estimates


Non-Binding is the most common one among movers as it isn’t predetermined. It’s just a rough estimate made by the moving company. The main advantage is that you can get a clear picture of how much your move might cost. But it comes with a downside too, and the cost may change on your moving day based on total weights and items.

Binding Not-to-Exceed Estimate

Binding Not-to-Exceed Estimate is the best offer among others. It’s popular for long-distance relocation. In this type of contract, even if the total weight of load exceeds the primary estimate, the cost will remain the same. On the other hand, if the weight of your cargo is less than the previous estimate, you will pay according to your actual weight.

How to calculate Moving Fees


It depends on various factors. Local movers usually charge by the hour. The long-distance relocation charge depends mainly on the weight of your shipment.

Short Distance Moves Price

If you move nearby or within a short distance, movers charge based on how much time it took them to relocate everything. Your room number or complete lists of things play an essential role in the price. Moving companies can estimate when you don’t have any idea. Don’t sign on to anything you see on the internet. These companies generally send a professional to perform an in-person inspection or a video survey of your total belongings.

Long Distance Moves Price


The cost of long-distance moves depends on the distance of the destination, plus the total weight of your real stuff. A long-distance move is considered when relocation is more than 100 miles. The per-mile rate and the weight-based charges are standard methods among the movers. There might be additional costs like fuel or tolls.

Other than your distance, there might be some additional costs. Before you sign the document, be sure of additional charges. Some movers may not give clues about extra fees. And you will end up paying more than your budget. Here are some additional costs that you should consider-


Most of the companies offer packing services. But they do not include it in your estimate. So if you do your packing, then okay. But if they do, they may charge extra for furniture blankets, bubble wrap, boxes, etc.

Shuttle Services:

If moving companies’ vehicles can’t park near your house, they may use smaller vehicles. Or park somewhere else and carry the stuff through a carrier. And they may increase the cost. So, it’s better to ask before about shuttle services.


Movers will charge you extra if they carry items through the stairs. They may charge based on per-step, per-flight, depending on the stuff.

Valuation Coverage


Valuation Coverage acts like insurance when you move. Your belongings’ worth is the valuation of the shipment, and you declare it.

You should declare it before so that your movers will be well aware of the things they are moving and secure the stuff from damage during transit. Extra packing material or protection for valuable items may cost you more.

You can take two different kinds of coverage. First, full value coverage covers the cost of items you purchased. And another one is the actual value coverage which includes the price of the item’s value.

Quick Tips for Collecting Moving Quotes


Moving might get hassling. Try to request only from reputable moving companies near you. Here are some tips to consider when collecting moving quotes-

  1. First, ask the movers if they are available on your moving day. If they aren’t available on your date, requesting a moving quote makes no sense. Then ask how they estimate their moving quotes; is it by an in-person inspection or a video survey? Collecting information through a phone won’t give a perfect estimate.
  2. Always collect a minimum of three moving quotes. If your first option doesn’t work out for some reason, then you will still have two options.
  3. Never hesitate to ask about additional costs. It will help you avoid unexpected charges. Because sometimes movers give a vague quote and charge extra for other additional expenses on your moving day. Make sure the document has all the stuff well written. So that if some items get lost or damaged, you will recover from your valuation coverage.
  4. Always be aware of those companies whose moving quotes are susceptibly lower than the others. It may cloud your judgments as they are offering budget-friendly quotes. Never forget to verify the quote type. And check online for the company’s review.
  5. Make sure all the necessary information is filled in on the document before signing any contract. Otherwise, you will open yourself to hidden additional costs.


Lastly, keep in mind that the costs vary differently based on your location and hiring company. So don’t hesitate to look around for as many quotes as you can get; this will help find a mover who can do the work according to your budget.