What is the fastest way to get XP in Destiny 2 – 2024 Guide


Destiny 2 is amongst the few games that have gained popularity since the beginning. The game is more enjoyable when you are at a higher level, and you can obtain new items and gear that help you fight with your opponents easily.

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1. Earn Bounties


The most common and fastest way to get experience points in Destiny 2 is through earning bounties. Bounties are unlocked at level 6. These are obtained from particular challenges and missions as a reward for killing your opponents of a certain level or by defeating a certain number of enemies continuously without dying.

You can find these challenges or missions from The Tower and obtain your rewards as per your performance. Defeating more enemies will help you win better rewards along with experience points. In the tower, if you follow the second set of steps, you will find the bounty board.

With the help of a bounty board, you may add bounties to your inventory to gain more XP. The amount of XP you receive from each bounty is uncertain. You can even get 5000 points from a single bounty and directly rank up from level 9 to level 10.

Once you finish all your bounties, you must switch to a different guardian because you can complete daily bounties with each guardian and get more experience points, so don’t give up before completing them all. Also, don’t forget to collect daily rewards.

2. XP Farming


Up next, XP farming is the fastest way to get experience points in Destiny 2. If you want to obtain XP continuously, then farming in this game is your best option. Defeating enemies in this game earns you easy experience points, so you must come up with the best farming technique.

Ensure that you have a higher chance of defeating your foes as quickly as possible without putting in much effort and difficulty. You have to repeat this method of defeating the enemies again and again in a single chance to get more XP in a short period. This farming method is indicated by rinsing and repeating and is often used by many new players to get more XP and level up faster.

There can be different types of missions that you must complete to get XP as a reward for completing the missions. Missions like scouting of regions with fewer enemy forces don’t give much XP. Instead, you must look for challenges that involve challenging fights, which you can play multiple times and reward you with more experience points.

3. Daily Challenges


Daily Challenges is another amazing way to get more experience in no time. Daily challenges are fun, and there is something new every day. By completing daily challenges, you can gain a lot of XP without putting in much effort as they can be completed easily by any player.

You will find three icons on the left side of the destiny planet view that will take you to weekly and daily challenges. You can complete these challenges only if your character level is higher enough to complete the challenge with ease. Different game modes offer different amounts of XP points.

Ensure that you are playing the right game mode that provides an XP bonus after the challenge is complete. Not all game modes will provide you with many benefits. Daily challenges last only for 24 hours, so make sure you complete them every day to get additional XP for fast leveling up your character.

4. Heroic events and adventure


Heroic events for players are an excellent method to gain a lot of XP by completing these events. These events are fun and challenging, which is one of the fastest ways to get more experience points in Destiny 2. Heroic events are different from public events, and the amount of XP you receive is much higher as compared to the public event. Try not to miss heroic events as they reward you well with XP based on your survival and performance in the game.

Playing this mode, you can quickly rank up your character, saving you a lot of time and also providing you with exciting rewards for defeating the enemies in this game mode. The same goes with adventure mode, where you can obtain enough experience points that are completely worth your time. Many people prefer to play these two modes to rank up faster in Destiny 2.

5. Equip new gear during the campaign

Destiny 2 provides you with a special feature while you make your progress through the campaign. After completing the first story mode on a new planet, you get a special feature to get access to the planet’s NPC shop in the game, from which you can buy a lot of things, including gear and weapons.

A lot of players must be already aware of this feature if you play story mode in this game. The items listed on the NPC shop come well within your budget, and you can buy many items. On purchasing this equipment, you can gain a lot of XP for your character, and you will also obtain superior items for your character with special abilities and more power.

The Bottom-line

There are many ways to gain XP and level up faster in Destiny 2. Many players look for ways to level up faster so they can unlock new features in the game. Reaching a higher level helps you to acquire new rare items in the game and allows you to play new modes in the game. Also, the higher level helps you to win challenges and defeat enemies much easier. These are a few ways to get XP in Destiny 2. Follow these methods to rank up faster in this game.