One Of The Reasons For Pushing Jinder Mahal Revealed


The wrestling world is still surprised about the fact that Jinder Mahal actually won the title at the Backlash pay per view. Smackdown Live is known as the land of opportunities, and it seems that the brand is living up to that name. Another guy has been given a chance to shine. Now, it is on him to make the most of his opportunity.

There are reports that he was originally scheduled to win this match during the week. Then, the company switched their pick and wanted Orton to retain as they also wanted to insert Rusev into the main event on Smackdown Live. After all, if he didn’t get injured, he would have likely been the one to face Orton at Backslash. But, being that the creative writers and the WWE higher-ups often switch their picks, they did it again just two hours before the show. They actually went from Mahal to Orton, and then to Mahal again just moments before Backlash PPV.


Now, there are reports of why he has received this push. The fact that ratings are down had seemingly nothing to do with the decision to put the belt on him. The NBA Playoffs are taking away a lot of the audience from the WWE, but they are not worried about that right now simply because they will be back on top again, with numbers, after NBA season is over.

He is receiving this push because the company really wants to go to the Indian market and make some noise there. They see the fans there as the untapped potential, and they want to explore it. In his promo after the win, Jinder Mahal said that this is for the 1.3 billion people in India, which is also a strong indication that the company is focused on that market right now.