Skoda’s New EV Sports Car Is In The Works

Skoda is going to develop an all-electric sports car for the first time in the history of this manufacturer, and the new vehicle has been confirmed by the company’s bosses. Based on everything we know, the new vehicle will be one of five electric models, all of which will go on sale by 2025.

Skoda’s boss for technical development, Christian Strube talked briefly about the history of the Czech carmaker and some of its most famous models. He said: “The story that Skoda is all about function, it is not true. Skoda has 120 years of history, it’s full of emotion.”

Strube mentioned the 110 R Coupe that had the engine at the rear and was distributing power to the rear wheels. This vehicle had been made in the seventies, and it brought most excitement from the manufacturer, but is Skoda going to assemble a car like this once again? Strube’s reply is positive: “Yes, but electric.” Even though it is still early, you can see images of the possible design of the new Skoda EV.

So far, we haven’t been given the release date of the new electric vehicle, but the Czech company is probably going to target the bigger volume EV segments at the beginning with their five planned cars. The all-electric Citigo is supposed to debut in two years from now, whereas the Vision E SUV concept was introduced at Shanghai Motor Show last month.


Release Date

The production version of this model is expected in 2024, which means that before the sports car, we will have an electric SUV and another family vehicle to choose from. As we have mentioned, all of the five models will be in dealerships by 2025.

Thankfully to the MEB electrical architecture, Skoda is going to be flexible when it comes to power and dynamics. Speaking of power, the Vision E has two electric motors, one on each axle allowing the all-wheel drive, which delivers 302 bhp. According to the company, this model can reach 62 mph in six seconds with the top speed of the concept limited to 112 mph and the range of 310 miles.

Skoda will be able to make the sports car with an RWD configuration and a sole electric motor on the rear axle due to the aforementioned MEB platform and its flexibility. Even though this would significantly reduce range and power compared to the Vision E, the new sports car will be similar to the classic 110 R model. This one could have some of the Vision E design cues, but it will come with a sportier appearance overall. Also, the design bosses will have a chance to be creative thanks to the platform and the lack of mechanical parts.

The Czech automaker is expected to offer a range of power outputs for its electric vehicles, and if they approach the same way as VW, the range of the Vision E and sports car may vary between 248 miles to 373 miles. Skoda tries to move from its sensible and practical roots slightly and producing electric vehicles will be that move. However, the first step is the introduction of the Kodiaq coupe SUV which will be sold in China only.

Right here, you can see the sports coupe called the 110 R which production started in 1970. It arrived just before the influx of FWD hatchbacks, which was the focus of most of the European carmakers in the late seventies. Because of the rear-mounted engine, the Skoda 110 R had similar handling characteristics as the Porsche 911, but the difference was in performance. The iconic vehicle had a 1.1-liter four-cylinder petrol unit under the hood which produced 62 bhp, with the top speed of 90 mph. It needed 18.5 seconds to reach 62 mph which was kinda a disappointment.

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