The Rock’s 3 sketches from “SNL” you have to see!


Saturday Night Live is one of those shows that will have its first season stand out as much as its last one but for very different reasons of course. As you recall the path to and the reaction to the 2016 presidential election managed to dominate nearly every episode and that directly resulted in a huge hole when the show didn’t deal with it directly. The SNL show sometimes struggled to be itself from time to time, but it was very often fascinating.

For the final episode of this season of Saturday Night Live the crew prepared something special, as some of you know. Dwayne The Rock Johnson, became the newest addition to The Five-Timers Club. This is the man that oozes charisma and has a lot of it to spare. As you could presume not every sketch, they imagined worked excellent, but we can’t hold it against Dwayne for any shortcoming that the show might have. This guy pretty much went along with everything they threw at him, including an incredibly divisive sketch about a mad scientist contest. But we have brought you three other drawings that we believe that people will be talking about, and here they are:

#1 WWE Promo Shoot 2

If you didn’t count, this one is second and probably the best iteration of a wrestling promo sketch in which Johnson’s Koko Watchout brutally beats down Bobby Moynihan’s opponent Trashyard Mutt with a whole bunch of personal attacks. Johnson is, of course, one of the greatest ever wrestling promo deliverers and it comes as no surprise that he can lay down the verbal smack-down. What makes him even better is the fact that each his attack is bigger, bolder, and stranger than the previous one. But we also have to acknowledge Moynihan who proved again why he is such a special talent, which will be very hard to replace. He has mixed in a bravado and meekness inside a four-minute period, and it is simply marvelous to see.

#2 Dwayne Johnson Five-Timers Monologue

As you recall, Dwayne recently stated that he actually might run for a Presidential spot, and what better way to incite those insinuations than to pair him with the other most bellowed person in Hollywood – Tom Hanks, in a role of his running mate. The jokes that both of them delivered were fine, but it was really a charisma-based two-hander, set up for the audience to swallow anything they say and to be prepared to march on the White House before the confetti fall to the ground. I can already see this one all over every Sunday morning talk show, an entertainment site, and 24-hour news network, and the greatest thing about it is that this actually can help Dwayne increase the interest about his presidential run in 2024.

#3 Rap Song

What we have here is essentially a “The Gang’s All Here” sketch which is basically a parody of DJ Khaled’s song “I’m The One” and it has two functions – to mock the records with an overabundance of MC cameos and to allow the SNL Show’s cast to have its own INSANE hip hop creation. Here, everyone has a few seconds to show what they’ve got with recreating their personal favorite crew creation, but one will be remembered as then only one who got the rock star treatment when he and its the Pumpkins – or David S. Pimpkins in the sketch. Check it out.