Online Donation Platforms – What You Need To Know

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Online donation software is used by nonprofit organizations to receive and process donations online. According to ABCFundraising this kind of software allows your organization to build professional and effective online donation forms.

There are numerous other features offered as well such as custom donation pages, automated donor data collection and others.

Online giving comes in various forms. Online donation forms can be used as well as mobile giving, email donation buttons, crowdfunding, and peer-to-peer fundraising.

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A basic and most important part of online donation is an online donation page. It’s a page through which you accept donations. You can see how that can be essential.

The page usually has a donation form where donors can give their information and payment details. It’s possible for you to include whatever questions you want, but you should keep in mind that the best and most practical forms are simple and straightforward. There is one simple thing you want the users to keep their focus on, so don’t avert their attention by adding unnecessary distractions on the online donation page.

Understanding how large of an effect smartphones have on people today, will help you see the importance of having a mobile giving platform. It allows donors to donate from wherever they are. For this reason, your donation page should be mobile-optimized.

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Donorbox is a donation platform meant for everyone. It can be a helpful tool for churches, as well as nonprofits and politicians. Donorbox is powerful donation software you can set up quickly, and it helps you attract more long-term donors. The setup is done in around 15 minutes, and you’re ready to go. At this moment, more than 16 thousand organizations from 25 countries are using Donorbox fundraising software. It must be that they’re doing something right.

They can offer Overlay Popup Donation Forms or embed Donation Forms on your web page. With Overlay Popup Donation Forms, you don’t have to redirect the donors to a separate page, but make it so that the form pops up at the screen as soon as your donate button is clicked on. Also, in just six simple steps, which you can find on Donorbox website, you can embed donation forms into your website.

Checkout process they offer is fast and seamless as they accept almost all online payment methods – Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal or bank transfer payments.

Donorbox will help you collect more donations by integrating a few simple features.
Your donors will be offered an option to set up a recurring donation on a monthly, annual or weekly basis, and no new registration screens or info is needed.

Donors will also be given an option to cover the processing fee on their donations.

Company gift matching option allows donors to ask their employers to match their donation. You can also encourage other organizations and companies to donate to your campaign.

Donorbox accepts over 20 different popular currencies enabling people from all around the world to donate.

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It will also be possible for you to efficiently spread the word about your campaign with pop-up donation forms, option to share your campaign to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and donation forms that can be composed on 9 different languages – English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, French and Swedish.

In case you wish to learn more about your donors, Donorbox will allow you to add up to 10 custom questions. You can also decide whether the giving of contact information is compulsory or optional.

Donorbox understands that every campaign is different and sees the need for customization. Donation form colors, CSS, donation page – everything is customizable.

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Online giving is becoming more popular, and it is the main source of funding for many charities around the world. That’s why reliable and efficient donation software is necessary – you need someone you can count on since so many are counting on you.