Oprah Winfrey Ready to Run for the Presidency

Source: CNN.com

Famous TV personality Oprah Winfrey stated that she feels that running against current President Donald Trump on next US elections is a real possibility.

When previously asked questions on this subject she always responded that she doesn’t have enough ‘government experience’ to become the first women at the head of White House. But now, after the billionaire businessman named Donald made it all the way up to White House after the November elections she thinks otherwise. She even publicly confirmed this in an interview on America’s Bloomberg Television show.

A host of TV Show mentioned above David Rubenstein asked Winfrey the following question: “Have you ever thought given the popularity you have — we haven’t broken the glass ceiling yet for women — that you could actually run for president and be elected?”

Winfrey responded with: “I actually never thought that that was – I never considered the question, even a possibility,”

Source; dailymail.co.uk

Now, things have changed. The main reason why Oprah is giving this thought a second chance is that Trump was surprisingly elected as the president of United States and he, just like Winfrey, has no previous government experience.

When she gave the statement to Rubenstein she didn’t name Trump, but when you read her words you will, just like us, know who is she talking about: “I [had] thought, Oh, gee, I don’t have experience. I don’t know enough. I don’t… And now I’m thinking, ‘Oh! Oh!'”

Her change of heart is a recent one because while being at Late Show with Stephen Colbert in January she said that she would never run for the presidency because that’s just not ‘her thing.’

Whether she runs or not remains to be seen, but she was always close to politics. During the reign of Barack Obama, she was very vocal in her support towards him. Also, in Trump-Clinton campaign she was on the losing side of Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton. Hilary failed in becoming the first female president of the United States, but Oprah Winfrey could be one to do it. Michael Moore even suggested that Democrats should run a famous, well-known face in their next campaigns such as Winfrey or Tom Hanks.

Source; dailymail.co.uk

We are not saying that anyone can become the president now after Trump did it, but Oprah has an outside shot at the presidency.