Ultimate Otaku Teacher Season 2 Release Date Still Not Anounced


There are a lot of anime series that are in the making right now, and there is a great number of those that are still pretty popular even though they are finished. One of those that are still in the production is the Ultimate Otaku Teacher. Season 1 of this anime series is done, but the A-1 Pictures studio is yet to renew or cancel the show. It’s always tough for any series to stay alive after the first season and this one is struggling with that right now, and we are waiting for the final decision on it.

The A-1 Pictures studio decided to produce more than just one anime series this year as they also released a new school comedy about a teacher-hikikomori. Ultimate Otaku Teacher was immediately picked up by Chukyo TV and Nippon Television Network in Japan, FUNimation Entertainment in the United States and online television channel Viewster in Europe, Not the biggest selection of the channels, but this anime also falls into the category of not being one of the most successful in the lineup.


The story revolves around Junichiro Kogami, who, at the age of 17, was already published in renowned scientific journals, became interested in anime and had virtually become a hikikomori. While he is no longer interested in writing articles or making scientific discoveries, looking for recognition of the international community or anything else, all he wants to do is to watch animes, collect figurines and play computer games.

His sister could not tolerate that and made him become a school teacher. This comedy anime series is actually about a transformation of a loser into the school teacher. After not that impressive Season 1 we hope that the production company will decide and give it another chance with the sequel.