5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Software Testing

Testing has never been easy. The right outsourcing provider, though, can simplify this task significantly. We outlined the 5 most important reasons why it is always better to outsource testing to professionals.

Are you sure that your new website is not going to fail, causing trouble for your company? Are you certain that your app will function well and withstand excessive loads? Does your product comply with the requirements and fulfill its main purpose? If you are building a software and the big launch is coming, those probably are the questions that keep you awake at night.

Testing and quality assurance, once being only a technical issue, has become a crucial element of every business success story. Quality is no longer about simply ensuring that your solution works, it is about profits, growth, perspectives and, of course, exceptional user experience. Let’s look at the benefits of testing in more detail.

Why is testing so important?

There are a lot of reasons why you should start thinking about testing immediately, here are the most important ones.

Software tests:

  • provide you with reliable, consistent and accurate results about the condition of your product;
  • allow you to detect bugs, flaws, and vulnerabilities in your software;
  • guarantee the high-quality products — both from the technical and aesthetic points of view;
  • help you build consumers trust, both to your product and to your company;
  • prevent failures, thanks to which you can save on costly repairs and keep your image clean;
  • help reduce your maintenance costs and simplify future development.

Let’s say that you understand the benefits of testing, but have no idea how to use it. Well, there are several options you may think of.

Some companies rely on developers, but this option never proved to be the best one. First, developers may be unenthusiastic about checking the code they have written as they think that their work is gold. What is more important, that development and QA are not the same thing and you must have a specific skill set to check the quality of the software. Also, while software becomes more complex, businesses need specialists who examine their solutions from start to finish and give useful advice.

With that in mind, you may consider building an in-house QA team. You’d better think twice. Since QA is not a part of your core business competence and recruiting is a tedious process, software testing outsourcing sounds like a much better choice.

Why should you outsource your software testing?


Outsourcing is no news and you have probably heard this term many times before. Because of the benefits it brings it has become a common practice for companies of different industries and sizes. Outsourced QA testing can be good for business too. In particular, you will get:

● Ability to focus (and grow)

Businesses have always used outsourcing to ease their company’s workload. But what is easy to forget – it also helps companies to focus on their core tasks and increase productivity in their existing team. The same thing goes for testing. Software QA outsourcing allows saving developers’ time as they don’t have to waste it on searching for bugs anymore. Cooperation with the right software testing companies lets business owners “forget” about QA entirely and focus on the strategic tasks. In other words, by outsourcing your testing, you not only get access to a wide range of specialized services but assure there is enough room for pursuing new ambitious goals.


● Best automated testing

Automation is considered to be a great way to make the testing processes more efficient. According to the World Quality Report, the level of automated test activities is still very low (up to 18% for different types of tests) due to the complexity of automating the processes. It is notable that 46% of companies pointed to the lack of skilled test automation specialists. Outsourcing can save the day. With the help of it, you get access to the most experienced automated testers and the most advanced automated testing tools. Moreover, the top-notch QA experts will not only test your product, but will help you see the bottlenecks in your development process and help you build a market-ready solution faster. Find out all the details about the company that provides automated testing services at this link.

● Cost efficiency

Money is definitely one of the major reasons that stand behind the outsourcing of any service. And this is also true for QA. If you’ve decided to build your own QA department you will spend a lot. First of all, it’s personnel costs. You will have to pay salaries and benefits to your testers no matter if you need their services or not. You will also have to constantly invest in new testing technologies to deliver better results. At the same time, the outsourcing service provider has both a qualified team and a technical base to perform your testing project in the most effective way. Moreover, you can also choose the provider that gives you the best proposal.

● Better and faster QA

The better testers you have, the better results you’ll receive. If you assign the task to your internal team you should always remember that they can be biased as they work hand in hand with your developers. Lack of objectivity is something that you must avoid at all costs. Also, practice makes perfect, they say, and this is especially true for testing. Outsourcing provides you with a great opportunity to hire experienced testers who know your industry well and can evaluate your project from different angles. With outsourced testing services, your company can ensure that it gets a quality product in a quick and easy way.

● Flexibility

Another big advantage of outsourced QA is flexibility. Imagine: you want to add new cool features to your app but keep the date of the launch unchanged. In terms of testing, it means you need more testers to get the job done. With QA outsourcing, you can always get more hands to cover your present needs as well as the high level of expertise to meet any challenge successfully. Outsourced quality assurance not only gives you an opportunity to increase the use of resources but to cut it if needed. In other words — to spend your resources wisely. The flexibility is also shown by the fact that you outsource the tasks that have to be performed once, when hiring a full-time tester is simply unreasonable. Example? You want to test your new website before it goes live.

Final Thoughts


The advantages mentioned above do not all have to come together or may not always have the same weight for you. However, every entrepreneur who opted for outsourcing agrees that it pays off more often than expected. Another important point is to choose the outsourcing testing provider carefully. Read reviews about the company, ask more questions and compare all the providers you are willing to hire. Only in comparison can one find the ideal.