6 Reasons Why Path of Exile Is Still Worth Playing in 2024

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Path of Exile is a game that saw the light of day in 2013 – can you believe it was 9 years ago?! If you haven’t tried it back then, you may be wondering if now is a good time to do it, because it’s been so long since it was made. Many games simply lose their significance after some time, so how to know if this game is still relevant or would it make more sense to focus on some newer releases?

Although people’s opinions are divided, the fact is that many of them who have only recently started playing this game have only words of praise for it and find it more than enjoyable. This means – you can be one of them too! If you are still not completely sure about it, here are a few reasons why Path of Exile is still worth playing in 2024.

1. First of all, it doesn’t cost you a thing

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Let’s get real here: who doesn’t like free stuff? Path of Exile is a free game that gives you so much fun and enjoyment that it seems almost unbelievable that you don’t have to pay anything to play it. This gives you the opportunity to try it out right away and decide if you like it. And whatever the impression may be in the end, the best part is that you will not have a bitter taste of disappointment that you threw money at a game that did not meet your expectations.

That means: even if you don’t like it – it just doesn’t matter, you gave it a try. However, keep in mind that the fact that it is free does not mean that it is not amazing and that it is not constantly improving. On the contrary – POE is constantly updated with new features and content, which is quite amazing if you think about it. We definitely advise you to try it, because you literally have nothing to lose!

2. In each subsequent game you get better

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Path of Exile is one of those games where you can choose any class you want and then build it without any restrictions, which is one of the things players love the most. Dying is an indispensable part of POE, but the good side is that in each game you learn something new and in each subsequent one you become better and progress significantly. It gives the impression that you are not wasting time despite the fact that the game ended unhappily, but you have learned from your mistakes and you are ready to make better choices now and go a step further, instead of starting from scratch.

3. It’s not hard to learn if you take some time to get familiar with it

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To be completely honest, Path of Exile is a very complex game that contains many classes, subjects and concepts that are waiting for you to learn, understand and start using them to your advantage. If you just start playing without any preparation, it will be very difficult for you to become good at the game, because there is so much information to collect.

However, blogs and guides are available today that provide all the necessary information about POE and that help you understand the concept of the game in the shortest time and you can embark on this adventure.

Once you get acquainted with the game, you will understand how much its capacity is, because some new things, contents and functions are constantly appearing that allow you to move to a higher level of the game. Of course, there are also items and currency that you can subsequently purchase on sites like Gosu Grind to further spice up your game.

4. Quarterly updates


One of the things we have already mentioned is that the POE game is free, but that it provides many benefits, thanks to its complexity and new content that is constantly being uploaded. So, one of the best things about this game and the reason why it’s worth playing in 2024 is that quarterly updates are available and new classes, currencies, weapons, armor, loot, and more are being added. This means that you will never be bored, because you will always have something new to master in order to level up your game.

5. You have plenty of time to prepare for Path of Exile 2

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Another reason why you are not late with playing Path of Exile even if you set out to explore this game in 2024 is that its sequel will not be available any time soon. This means that you have enough time to get acquainted with this game and become really good at it before you embark on all the adventures and challenges that await you in its second part.

6. A large community that is still active

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And lastly, one of the most important prerequisites for many players is a large community that is active and gives the game a completely different tone. You may have thought of communities like this in our POE because the game came out a long time ago, but you’ll be glad to hear that’s not true at all. On the contrary – in 2024, tens of thousands of players enjoy this game every day and are waiting for the sequel, which will see the light of day in a few years. This is another great advantage, because it means you have people of the same interests with whom you can connect, you can help each other and you have a great time!


Even though Path of Exile is a pretty old game that came out in 2009, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth playing in 2024. This is a free game that’s complex enough to keep you interested for months, and new updates arrive every quarter, which is an amazing thing.

The second part of the POE will still not see the light of day, which means that you have enough time to prepare for it if you start playing now. And another good thing here is that POE has a large community of tens of thousands of players who enjoy this game every day and of which you can become a part if you get involved today.