Philip DeFranco’s Net Worth 2018


Philip DeFranco recognized the potential of YouTube in late 2000’s when he started uploading his videos. While he was trying to establish himself as the influencer and the online celebrity, DeFranco worked as a waiter at nearby restaurants. Before he became famous, he was struggling to make ends meet, and he lived out of his car at one point in his life.

Thanks to The Philip DeFranco Show, DeFranco has patched up his finances and managed to gain a steady source of income. He was able to attract over 6m subscribers to the site and became one of the most popular YouTubers. But how much money does DeFranco make?

Before we tackle this question, we need to see who Philip DeFranco is. His YouTube fans are familiar with his resume, but let’s remind ourselves. DeFranco has been married to Lindsay Jordan since 2015, and their wedding has been caught on tape and posted on social media. He proposed in one episode of DeFranco Loves Dat AZ Show. However, before they got married, Lindsay gave him a son named Philip DeFranco III.

One of the most common questions fans want to know is whether Philip DeFranco went to college. And the answer is yes. He studied at the University of South Florida and the Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College. Also, he attended the East Carolina University, but he never got the bachelor’s degree.

How did Philip DeFranco Gain his Wealth?

We mentioned that DeFranco’s lowest point was when he lived out of his car. Since he couldn’t support himself, he moved back to live with his parents in Florida, but at that point, he already had a YouTube Channel and plenty of materials on it. He was trying hard to establish a YouTube career, and he constantly asked for donations and sold everything except his camera, Macbook, and clothes.

He needed a breakthrough, and he posted a clickbait video. Even though it was deceptive and the clip was unrelated to the title, it was the video that became his most popular upload. He realized that in order to succeed in this industry, he would have to talk about something different. The original strategy was fine, but it didn’t make him a lot of money. That is when he started talking about news and gossip. Today, DeFranco has more than 6m subscribers on YouTube and more than 1,800,000,000 views on his main YouTube channel.


Talking Numbers

How much would that be in numbers? His page receives more than 800,000 views per day, which means that he earns about $1,200 in one day which is $440,000 per year and these are just the revenues. His most-viewed videos are titled “Youtube Is Shutting Down MY Channel And I’m Not Sure What To Do.” This one has about 6,000,000 views, and if he gets paid $3 per 1000 views, it means that he has earned $18,000 from one video only.

Besides The Philip DeFranco Show, he runs a vlogging channel which is not as popular, but it still earns him a lot of money. Over a ten-year span, he has managed to accumulate more than 1,200,000 subscribers and over 180,000,000 lifetime views. Now, it is easy to add two plus two and understand where the money is coming from.

Philip DeFranco Net Worth 2018

DeFranco is the active member of the YouTube community, and he does everything to improve his status. His net worth is currently about $8 million, and it will only grow in the future. He launched the third YouTube Channel at one point of his career where he talked about technology, but despite solid feedback, he decided to shut the project down. Instead, The DeFranco Fam was established, a family vlogging channel, which will make DeFranco even richer.