Plans For Lesnar’s Next Challenger Revealed

Since Braun Strowman went out with his shoulder injury, higher-ups in the WWE are having creative meetings about who is going to be the one to challenge Lesnar for the Universal Championship at the Great Balls of Fire pay per view on July 9th. The company has already announced that Lesnar will return in July and they originally planned Strowman to be the one battling with the Beast Incarnate.

Right now, they are working on a backup plan for the match at the Great Balls Of Fire. Originally they wanted to do Lesnar vs. Reigns at Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans, and since there are rumors that Roman is going to be feuding with The Miz, The Roman Empire is not a backup plan for the Great Balls of Fire. Two top candidates right now to challenge Brock are Seth Rollins and Finn Balor.

Seth has received a huge push in the past couple of months as the organization is trying to make him a legit babyface that the fans can get behind. Right now, his stock is rising as he has beaten Triple H and Samoa Joe in his two last pay per view appearances. He and Brock do have some unfinished business so it would be fun to see how that storyline would play out.

Finn Balor, on the other hand, is also a good choice as he was the first ever Universal Title holder and someone that wasn’t defeated for the championship. He had to give it away because of an injury, so the legitimate argument can be made that he deserves a championship opportunity based on that alone.

It is going to be interesting to see which route does the company take here. Gut feeling is that they are going to go with Seth Rollins as his feud with Joe is ending while Balor has just started programming with Bray Wyatt. But, WWE is known for changing their minds quickly so this might be a last-minute decision.